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Storm 4 power wheelchairThe Right Solution for Customers
A comprehensive range of power wheelchairs to maximise comfort and improve mobility: Invacare® power wheelchairs are customized to satisfy individual specific needs.

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G50 Outdoor power wheelchairExcellent mobility for the active user, good manoeuvrability, grip, good suspension and a large choice of adjustable seat types.

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Storm4 X-plore Outdoor Indoor power wheelchairHighly configurable models featuring centre wheel drive, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive models. Suspension systems that guarantee superior driving comfort and traction designed for active users who love outdoor activities yet who still require a compact chair in their everyday life. They can be used outside as well as inside.

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Bora Indoor OUtdoor wheelchairCompact & manoeuvrable power wheelchairs with a smaller wheelbase.
Compactness and transportability make the Invacare® power wheelchairs an ideal companion, no matter where you want to go. They can be used inside (e.g. home or shops) as well as outside on the pavement.

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 Power Electronic Devices

ACS II power electronic deviceA range of precision ACS controls & docking station that safely fixes and unfixes the wheelchair inside a van.

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 Add-On Kits 

Alber Scalamobil electric mobile stair-climbing aidAlber add-on kits are powerful mobility devices that can be combined with a large variety of manual wheelchairs. Electric stair-climbing aid, pushing wheelchairs, automatic breaking function, drive wheels, battery pack, joystick controller... can all be removed in seconds and are easy to transport!

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