2014-11-19 - Invacare supports COPD education with practical workshop at ERS 2014

Invacare is a global leader in the development of advanced technologies for Ambulatory Oxygen Delivery. This innovative product range is fully supported by a programme of education and support for Healthcare Professionals as well as Patients living with respiratory conditions.

As part of Invacare’s educative approach, the company recently organised a practical workshop at the ERS International  Congress 2014 in Munich entitled “Ambulatory Oxygen in Clinical Practice”. Presented by Prof. Jean-François Muir (France);
Prof. Gerard Criner (USA) and Prof. Enrico Clini (Italy), the session included full discussion on the most technological and therapeutic aspects of Ambulatory Oxygen (AO). Of particular interest to the audience was the explanation of the innovative aspects of pulse dose technology in clinical practice, with examples of best practice in the prescription of AO.

It is estimated that up to 6 million people in the United Kingdom are living with some sort of respiratory disease. This illness;
regularly referred to as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) whilst often debilitating, can be treated with a range of clinical interventions, including a well managed supply of oxygen.

Leading the way in the United Kingdom in the implementation of therapeutic technologies for COPD is the Scottish Healthcare Service. The ‘National HomeFill Survey’ the largest HomeFill survey conducted to date, assesses the impact of a new ambulatory oxygen technology in Scottish homes. The conclusions of this survey presented at ERS 2014 by Mrs. Phyllis. Murphie showed extremely encouraging opportunities for improved quality of life and significant savings in healthcare costs.

Invacare’s oxygen therapy products focus on helping individuals live as active a lifestyle as possible whilst using supplementary oxygen. Focussing on a range innovative solutions, such as Oxygen Concentrators, flexible Self-Fill oxygen products and truly portable devices, Invacare aims to transform people’s lives and free them from the constraints of bottled oxygen deliveries.

Full video footage of this year’s workshop is available to view here.



Did you know Invacare has a number of resources to support you?

1. Oxygen Therapy app

This educational app has been developed for healthcare professionals and homecare providers with an interest in oxygen therapy. It will help you discover and learn how Invacare Oxygen Systems can help COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients.

  Oxygen Therapy App   

Download now the Invacare Oxygen Therapy app, and learn more about:

  • The benefits of Ambulatory Oxygen
  • Innovative solutions for your patients
  • Pulse Dose Oxygen therapy
  • Clinical Evidence on portable devices
  • Expert opinion  
Oxygen Therapy App Symbol

Available now for tablets and PC.  Access the app directly at: oxygentherapy.invacare.eu.com/en/


2. Clinical Evidence on Ambulatory OxygenClinical Evidence on Ambulatory Oxygen Systems

Download now the Clinical Evidence on Ambulatory Oxygen Systems eBook, and learn more on:

  • Published clinical evidence on Xpo, Solo and HomeFill
  • Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) on Pulse Dose oxygen therapy
  • Comparative studies on innovative vs. conventional oxygen sources


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