2014-10-14 - Invacare® True Track® Plus tecnhology - The new power of motion!

 Invacare True Track Plus...for those who want more!

A truly powerful solution for drivers who seek challenges

Invacare’s latest, enhanced technology truly gives power wheelchair users more.  It provides an all-round better drive experience for users who like a challenge and who want the power and control to get more out of everywhere they go. 

More driving range, speed and power

The new True Track® Plus technology delivers more driving range, speed and power to challenging drivers.  This solution brings users unrivaled performance, with up to 40% more driving range, a top speed of 13 km/h and up to 600W output per motor.  It also enables superior obstacle negotiation, even at low speeds.

More control

True Track® Plus immediately responds to the driver’s commands and delivers more freedom and more control to discover the world. With this technology, active users who demand more enjoy a dynamic ride at fast speeds, while beginners or alternative driver control users can drive in confidence on their own terms.

More quiet and maintenance-free

These motors run absolutely silently, so every user can enjoy a quiet drive, letting them concentrate on achieving their goals.  True Track® Plus technology comes with gearless, brushless motors, which means they are maintenance free. With 3 standard settings available 6, 10 and 13 km/h, the great news is that these motors maintain torque, even when programmed to slower speed settings.

The latest in power wheelchair technology

Invacare’s True Track® Plus technology represents the latest in power wheelchair technology to deliver the best performance. This high-tech option is available on the Invacare® Storm4® and Invacare® Storm4® X-plore from October 2014 onwards.
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