New clinical trial emphasises the benefits of the Invacare Platinum™ Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

January 2018, Witterswil, Switzerland
The results of a trial carried out by Federation Antadir EvalClin in France, across six different Respiratory Rehabilitation Centres, has been published and features evidence supporting the clinical benefits of Invacare’s Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator.
From January 2017 to June 2017, 15 men and 15 women were enrolled in the trial - 11 patients with severe COPD, 17 with very severe COPD and 2 with bronchiectasis – which aimed to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of different oxygen concentrators.

Highlights of the study included:
  • Patients emphasised the weight of the Platinum Mobile, which they considered lightweight and compact.
  • Patients appreciated the comfort of the Platinum Mobile design, saying that is was small and easy to carry.
  • Patients highly rated the technology incorporated into the Platinum Mobile highly because it enables liberation from the constraint of oxygen filling and effects a true increase in autonomy in daily life.
Speaking about the results of the trial, Ingrid Sème, Group Product Manager Respiratory EMEA said: “We are extremely happy with the results of this clinical evaluation. There are many highlights for us, but overall it has shown that, in most cases, the clinical performance of the Platinum Mobile is comparable to that of a liquid oxygen therapy device (C500) used in continuous mode. This is in terms of exercise tolerance, symptomatology and correction of resting oxygen saturation and stress.”
The results of the trial are available in Invacare’s Clinical Oxygen Brochure which can be found at and on Invacare’s dedicated Oxygen Therapy microsite at www.oxygen-therapy/net.

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