Discovering solutions for more mobility, more choices and more functionnality

We offer to discover in depth a range of dedicated microsites for wheelchairs solutions; from manual to power wheelchairs, for mobility products including rollator and scooters for seniors, devices for those in needs of oxygen therapy. These sites are aimed and designed to dive into the many possiblities of our solutions.

Invacare LiNX Powerchair Controls is a Smart Technology, Redefining Mobility. Experience more with the Invacare LiNX control system


Invacare TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx and LiNX: Ultimate control. Ultimate comfort.


Invacare Rea - Passive Solutions: Innovative tilt-in-space wheelchairs with individual adjustability and accessories to suit a range of needs


Invacare Action 5 - Perfect fit for your lifestyle: the wheelchair for everyday move


Invacare Scooters - Style is forever: As you get older you don’t lose your style; if anything you are more sure about who you are and you want things that will complement your style. As a result, we now offer 10 unique colours and 25 specialised accessories across our new scooter range, helping you to find the perfect scooter to match your style.
As we said, you never lose your style…
Style is Forever!


Oxygen Therapy - Breathe & Move