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We at Invacare know how significant pressure and postural care is for people with disabilities and mobility problems. Sitting in a wheelchair for a long time can lead to a host of complications if proper measures are not put in place. Bad posture and shear can cause lots of suffering and can also worsen already existing conditions. This is why we offer a wide assortment of pressure and posture care solutions like our Vicair range of cushions, backs, and mattresses, which uses the breakthrough Air Cell technology to provide ultimate pressure distribution and protection against shear.


The Air Cell technology refers to the use of SmartCells in our Vicair cushions. SmartCells are individual air pockets which provide the excellent pressure redistribution qualities of air. What’s more, these innovative air cells address common issues relating to the use of air for pressure redistribution such as instability and leakage. These cells are present in Invacare’s Vicair cushions and users, or their carers, can adjust the cushions to suit the personal preference of the user by removing or adding more SmartCells. In the unlikely event that one or more of these cells fails, the Vicair cushions maintain their posture care properties.

Users can pick from a rich assortment of Vicair cushions. The various models differ by the amount and placement of SmartCell-filled compartments, providing different properties for a variety of user needs and preferences. The cushions are easy to install, use, and adjust, and require little to no maintenance.

  • Air Cell technology: Offers optimal pressure distribution and minimises shear.
  • Lasting performance: The system maintains its properties even if a SmartCell fails.
  • Adjustable: Seat cushions are highly adjustable to personal preference.
  • Versatile: Users can choose between a variety of models.
  • User-friendly: the Vicair seat cushions are easy to install and use.

Low maintenance: These cushions require little to no maintenance.

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