Oxygen analyser

Oxygen analyser

Invacare’s O2 analyser makes it a breeze to check on oxygen concentrators

Checking on the performance of oxygen concentrators is paramount for ensuring that patients receive an adequate supply and quality of oxygen for their therapy. To make such checks easier and more convenient, we offer a 3-in-1 O2 analyser. Here’s what each value means. 

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If you ask somebody which element they associate air with they are likely to say “oxygen”.‌ However, in reality, air is only about 21% oxygen; the other elements that make up the gas mixture that is air are nitrogen (around 78%) and minimal amounts of other elements such as argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and a couple of others.  

The way that an oxygen concentrator works is that it intakes ambient air, compresses it, removes most of the other gases (except oxygen, of course), and releases it to users ambulatory-grade oxygen. Therefore, one of the tasks of oxygen analysers is to check on the purity of the released oxygen. 

Another important metric that our oxygen analyser measures is flow rate. It refers to how much oxygen the concentrator can release to the user. This is usually measured as litres per minute (LPM) and is also a value that doctors use to prescribe the amount of oxygen that’s required for the user’s therapeutic needs. Thus, the second function of our analysers is to check whether the concentrator can provide an adequate flow rate. 

The third value that our analysers measure is outlet pressure. This refers to the pressure of the flow of oxygen that’s delivered to the user. Think of it like water running from the tap; the water needs sufficient pressure to flow freely. 

Easy-to-use portable oxygen analyser compatible with all oxygen concentrators

The oxygen analyser is actually a 3-in-1 device that provides data on all the operating parameters of oxygen concentrators that technicians need to perform checks. The instrument checks oxygen concentration, flow rate, and patient outlet pressure and is compatible with any oxygen concentrator. In addition, the device doesn’t need routine calibration, features a self-diagnostic function, and is an efficient and cost-effective way to check on oxygen concentrators. 

The analyser only features two buttons which makes it very easy to operate and only needs two AA batteries which last for over 16,000 readings. To further extend battery life, the device shuts off automatically. 

There’s a connecting tube and protective boot included in the package.