Bath lifts

Bath lifts

Bath lifts for a safe and enjoyable bathing

For people with mobility limitations, accessing the bath can be a difficult challenge that comes with hygiene and health implications. To solve this problem, we at Invacare offer a range of bath lifts suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities. 

Aquatec Orca bath lifter

Aquatec Orca bath lift

Aquatec Orca features an impressive weight limit of 140 kg, increased legroom for deeper and more relaxed bathing, among other functions. Our Invacare Aquatec Orca range provides...

Aquatec Kogia bath lifter

Aquatec Kogia bath lift

The Aquatec Kogia bath lift makes taking a bath easy. It is user-friendly due to its gentle lifting mechanism. In addition, thanks to its open plate, it is easy to assemble and...

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These electric lifts provide users with safety and comfort when doing their bath routines. The smooth remote-operated lifting mechanisms work on high-quality rechargeable batteries which offers excellent portability for these devices. 

Safety, comfort and reliability are all combined in our bath lifts, which will take the hassle out of bathing for people with limited mobility and those who seek a more secure way to take a shower. They are also suitable for users who can only take a bath in a reclined position. 

Durable, compact, and easy to use bath lifts with plenty of customisability options

Our family of bath lifts for sale offers a high degree of adjustability, caring for the user’s comfort and individual likings. Reclining and fixed backrest models cater to users who prefer to bathe upright and those who’d rather do it in a reclined position. The seat also offers great adjustability options and can get as low as 60 mm from the base of the bath, to allow full submergence into the water. 

In addition to optimum comfort, the bath lift chair also offers safe support for heavier users, with a bariatric model that can hold up to 170 kg. Despite their low weight, our standard models support up to 140 kg, thanks to the high-quality materials and tough mechanisms that we use in their production. 

To allow for easy and comfortable operation, Invacare’s bath lifts feature an ergonomic floating remote control. 

The bath lifts also feature easy assembly and folding, making for convenient use and storage. The simple design of the devices allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

A wide range of accessories can tailor these bath lifts to a variety of user needs and preferences. Height-adjustable headrests and special reclining backrests, featuring adjustable side parts, work well together to increase support and comfort. Chest and pelvic belts provide extra safety for users at higher risk of falling out. Stopper units, side flap deflectors and custom-built side flaps care for the increased safety of users when getting in and out of the bath lifts. Height adaptors of 2, 4, and 6 cm are also available as an add-on for an improved fit in various bath heights.