Bath seats

Bath seats

Safe and comfortable bathtub with Invacare’s bath products

Anybody can benefit from Invacare’s great-looking bath safety products that bring peace of mind to users when taking a shower, even in the bathtub. These solutions provide extra safety against slipping and are especially useful for people with mobility issues, and elderly users who are at an even higher risk of slipping in the bathtub. These products are also excellent aids for people who need to sit down when taking a bath and would like to enjoy their time under the shower. Thanks to the innovative designs our bathtub products let users enjoy their bath and are also an excellent help for carers. 

Marina H112

Invacare Marina H112 bath board

The Invacare Marina H112 bath board is suitable for use in most standard bathtubs as it can be individually adjusted and customised. The unique surface structure ensures you have a...

Marina XL H113

Invacare Marina XL H113 bath board

The Invacare Marina XL H113 bath board is suitable for use in most standard bathtubs with individual adjustment possibilities to adjust accordingly. Benefiting from all the...

Sorrento bathtub swivel seat

Aquatec Sorrento bathtub swivel seat

The Invacare Sorrento bathtub swivel seat comes well equipped with unique features for optimal functionality. The outstanding modular and modern Aquatec Sorrento range is a...

Aquatec Step

Aquatec Step transfer aid

The Aquatec Step is designed for safe and easy bath access by reducing the danger of falling in the bath. It has a stable frame, with feet and non-slip rubber. The Aquatec Step is...

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A range of products for worry-free bathing

One of our most versatile models is the Sorrento Bathtub Seat. This is actually a highly-configurable product that can transform to serve a variety of tasks. The Sorrento can turn into a shower chair, into a shower stool, into a bathtub swivel seat and into a bathtub seat. All of this is possible, thanks to the availability of a range of add-ons that can fit the Sorrento. The chair features the innovative TPE Soft Touch Surface material on the seat and armrests. The non-slipping surfaces and soft backrest provide users with excellent comfort and security. 

Our range of bath products also offers suspended and pivoting bath seats for bathtubs. The seats are made of high-quality and durable materials, allowing users to enjoy partial submersion or a 360° safe rotation. 

We also offer bathtub boards. They go across the bathtub providing a safe and comfortable surface for an enjoyable shower. The boards feature non-slip seating surface and hand grips for added safety. There’s a shower head holder on both sides of the board, allowing for easy and quick access to the shower without having to stand up. The board can be adjusted with the help of adjustment elements and comes in an XL version for users up to 200 kg. 

Getting in and out of the tub can also present a challenge. This is why we offer a shower step with non-slip rubber caps on the feet. There’s also a non-slip, machine washable cover. The step makes it easier to get in and out of the bathtub by providing a stable and raised surface on which the user can step. For the tub itself, we offer a non-slip mat that is held securely with the help of suction cups