Canes and crutches

Canes and crutches

Crutches and canes for confident mobility

Our walking canes and crutches provide a low-profile walking aid to people with temporary or permanent mobility limitations. 

cover_main|Basik-P227S.jpg|Invacare Basik P227S crutch

Invacare Basik P227S crutch

Basik P227S is one of the Invacare’s stable lightweight crutches with a weight capacity of 130 kg.  Basik P227S crutch is a basic model, made of anodized aluminum, with the handle...

cover_main|ADVANTIC TALL CV01.jpg|Invacare Advantik Tall 1529863 crutch

Invacare Advantik Tall 1529863 crutch

Advantik Tall is another Invacare’s range of stable lightweight crutches. It features a weight capacity of 130 kg with a click-together function that makes it convenient when there...

cover_main|P328P328J-CV01.jpg|Invacare Auxil P328 & P328J crutches

Invacare Auxil P328 & P328J crutches

Auxil P328 & P328J by Invacare is a tripod cane, it has three legs at the lower end. This makes it a very stable cane. It also features non-slip legs that make it optimal. The...

cover_main|ADVANTIC-SOFT-CV01.jpg|Invacare Big 150 crutch

Invacare Big 150 crutch

The Invacare Big 150 Crutch is a sturdy crutch with weight capacity for users up to 150 kg. The 108 cm crutch can be cut to fit any user. It comes with adjustable arm support. It...

cover_main|P260 CV01.jpg|Invacare Foldeo 260 cane

Invacare Foldeo 260 cane

The Invacare Foldeo 260 is a folding and height-adjustable walking cane equipped with exceptional features to meet users’ needs adequately. Foldeo 260 features a stylish design and...

cover_main|P252 CV01.jpg|Invacare Moviale canes

Invacare Moviale canes

The Invacare range of Canes is designed with excellent features to meet a wide range of user requirements. It is designed to the highest standards – to provide the latest...

cover_main|P256-CV01.jpg|Invacare Silencio P256 cane

Invacare Silencio P256 cane

The Invacare Silencio P256 is a stylish and highly functional adjustable aluminium cane with T-handle. It features anti-noise tip, and it is lightweight for joyful walks. The...

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These walking sticks and crutches come in various shapes and sizes to ensure the right fit for a variety of uses. 

What’s important to keep in mind is that straightforward to use as they might seem, there is a right and wrong way to use crutches and walking canes. Users should consult with a healthcare professional for the right type of mobility aid to choose, as well as for how to use it safely and correctly. 

Variety of crutches and walking canes

Our range of walking canes and crutches features three categories of products, each catering to specific user needs. 

Canes and walking sticks are designed for everyday support of people with limited mobility and those who require some extra help in maintaining balance. Canes are well-suited to relieve some pressure while walking and to provide stability. They also work for some cases of chronic mobility issues and during late stages of recovery. 

Our canes offer a great variety of materials, adjustability options and add-ons, to suit a range of user needs. Made of wood or aluminium, these walking sticks are lightweight and comfortable, and boast a great style that can satisfy many tastes. We also offer 'quiet' canes that stay silent when touching the ground. Varied in size and featuring a model for left-handed or right-handed users, our canes provide a comfortable fit and convenient customisation. Storage is also not an issue with a foldable option and a range of accessories also available. 

In some cases, a crutch is a more appropriate option than a cane. They are preferable walking aids for people to keep their weight off one or both feet due to trauma or chronic condition. The difference with canes is that crutches wrap around the forearm of the user for an added support. Our crutches provide comfortable use and stability and are made of robust but lightweight materials. Their length is adjustable and we also offer solutions for very tall users, as well as a bariatric model that can support up to 150 kg. For our little users, we offer crutches in fun colours. 

Our family of canes and folding crutches is completed by the tripod walking cane. This model features three feet on the bottom and offers superior stability for users that experience trouble keeping balance. The tripod design also minimises the chance of tripping, or slippage of the cane.