Grab handles

Grab handles

Grab bars bring confidence when visiting slippery areas

The bathroom can be a dangerous area for anybody, but especially for the elderly and people with limited mobility. What’s more, the danger of slip-and-fall can make attending the bathroom or toilet an anxious experience. 

Futura R7790 grab bar

The Invacare Revato Futura R7790 is equipped with unique features to meet users’ needs. It has a 90° that can be used both vertically and horizontally for transfers and standing...

Futura R7792 grab bar

The Invacare Futura R7792 is designed to provide the necessary assistance in the bathroom. It in can be installed in or around the corner, and also ideal for use in the service...

Balnea H160 grab handle

The Invacare Balnea H160 is an excellently designed grab handle for bathtub. It provides additional safety when getting in and out of the bath. Balnea H160 features easy assembly...

Getting in and out of bed can be a challenge for people with disabilities, those recovering from injuries or surgeries, and for the elderly. To help with this, we at Invacare offer...

Aqua H140 to H144 grab bars

The Invacare Aqua H140 to H144 grab handle is specially made from high-quality plastic, particularly impact and scratch-resistant. They are available in five different lengths and...

Stileo H170

One doesn’t need to have a disability or be at a senior age for the bathroom to present a danger. In fact, the bathroom is often quoted among the most dangerous places in a typical...

Aqua H145 grab bar

The Invacare Aqua H145 is an ergonomically angled wall grab bar, designed with excellent features to give the users a rewarding experience. The Aqua H145 grab bar guarantees an...

Ocea H320 grab bar

Invacare has a long-standing tradition in providing practical and innovative products for people with disabilities and limited mobility. As a result of our continuous innovation...

Aqua H146 grab bar

Aqua H146 is an innovative grab handle packed with exciting features to function optimally. It is a 90 ° plastic handle that provides horizontal and vertical support to its users...

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To bring peace of mind when visiting these areas, we at Invacare offer a wide assortment of grab bars and handles. Our advice is to opt for a variety of handles, bars and handlebars to ensure optimal access to much-needed support. 

A rich assortment of easy to install bathroom grab bars made of durable materials

We offer a great selection of grab bars and handles that are suitable for different uses and, therefore, work well together to provide support and safety in slippery areas. The range of grab handles and bars is suitable for installation in many areas, such as in and around the bathtub, shower and toilet. 

For example, our angled grab handles are well-suited to assist users in getting up and sitting down on the toilet, or in the bathtub. 

Using the sink can also present a challenge for seniors and people with limited mobility which is why we also offer support bars that can be installed around it. 

For a more all-around solution in a single product, we offer a three-way L-shaped grab bar which provides both horizontal and vertical support. 

For users who need continuous support, Invacare’s family of grab handles features a solution that can be installed in or around corners. This allows for multiple transfers using a single bracket. 

Getting in and out of the bathtub gets easier and safer with the two-point bath grip rail.  It features a high and a low fixing point, facilitating easy step over, entry and exit from the bathtub. The bath grip is lightweight, but sturdy and easily fixes on most types of baths. 

Our range of shower grab bars adaptable to a variety of needs, is completed by wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted triangular handles which feature adjustable straps. 

The wide assortment of bathroom grab bars and handles comes in a range of sizes and weight-holding capacities, providing solutions for users of various heights and weight. 

These products are made of durable corrosion-resistant materials like aluminium and ABS. 

They are easy to install, and we also offer models with suction cups for a straightforward, tool-free installation. This also makes them suitable for taking in the luggage when travelling.