Hygiene accessories

Ocean Ergo Accessory 4

Various backrests

Invacare offers a broad range of backrests including solid, textile or soft.

Orca Height-adjustable headrest

Height adjustable headrest

For the safe support of the head and neck area. Recommended in conjunction with the special backrest. All parts for the headrest assembly are included.

Ocean toilet pan

Toilet pan

Ergonomic handle allows the pan to be easily removed. Features a lid holder that ensures the lid keeps in place when not required and so it does not get lost.

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An easy to apply function which prevents the frame tilting anteriorly past 0°. This ensures the frame remains horizontal to the ground and is an aid for those who are hoisted in...

Orca Height Adaptors

Height adaptors

The Orca can be adapted to suit a full range of bath heights. The 2, 4 or 6 cm height adapters can be quickly fitted to the bath lift base.

Orca Side Flap Deflectors

Side flap deflectors

To be used for hand grips in the bathtub. The side flap deflector can also be shortened when required.

Orca Transportation Bag

Transportation bag

Useful and light transportation bag with integrated wheels for easy transport, e.g. when going on vacation.

Universal soft seat

Universal soft seat

The Universal Soft Seat makes sitting more comfortable if the toileting function is not needed.

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