Our family of rollators helps users who need extra support in keeping an active lifestyle

Thanks to Invacare’s quality rollators, users who need assistance when walking can still live an active lifestyle and have a trusted aid during their day-to-day activities. 

cover_main|P452E-3 CV01.jpg|Invacare Banjo P452E/3 rollator

Invacare Banjo P452E/3 rollator

Banjo P452E/3 comes with amazing features that aim at satisfying users’ needs adequately. Users who are looking to have a rollator that provides maximum individual adjustments, as...

cover_main|P550-2-CV01.jpg|Invacare Actio2 rollator

Invacare Actio2 rollator

Actio2 by Invacare is a smart and stylish rollator yet quite functional to meet various users’ needs. It has been carefully designed, taking into consideration the need for style...

cover_main|P429-2-CV01.jpg|Invacare Delta P429/2 rollator

Invacare Delta P429/2 rollator

Delta P429 is the latest version of the Invacare Delta, designed with improved features to make it lighter and easier to use. It also comes with some additional features for added...

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Our rollators are sturdy and comfortable and provide a high degree of adjustability to a variety of user needs and preferences. 

Invacare’s rollators are equipped with stable wheels that facilitate a smooth and safe movement and support for users who need extra stability when moving around. 

Enjoying favourite activities is also not an issue with these devices, because they are built with living an active lifestyle in mind. Whether it is taking a walk, shopping or tending to the garden, our rollators bring handy features to users in a manoeuvrable and reliable product. 

Invacare’s family of rollators comes with 3 and 4-wheel models, offering users a choice that suits their preferences. The 3-wheel version offers ultimate manoeuvrability and is very practical for when users need to take lots of turns, or walk on rougher terrain. 

All of Invacare’s rollators are easy and comfortable to handle and bring peace of mind to users and their loved ones. 

Adjustable and sturdy rollators that are suitable for a range of situations

Our rollators come with a variety of adjustability options for a greater fit adapted to users’ individual needs. For example, our P452E/3 model features an adjustment range of the handlebars from 710 to 980 mm, which makes is it suitable for a variety of user heights and preferences. 

To promote and help with living an active lifestyle, Invacare’s rollators are equipped with various outdoor features. Handy and sturdy baskets provide convenient storage when shopping or doing work in the garden. It also makes for quick access for user belongings. 

Invacare’s family of rollators are made of high-quality materials that make these devices suitable even for heavier users, up to 130 kg. Nevertheless, our rollators are still lightweight enough to provide manoeuvrability and comfort when pushing them. 

Speaking of comfort, our range of rollators feature anatomical grips which take the pressure off the hands and provide a safe grip. The smooth mechanisms also cater to the user’s comfort, working well even on rougher surfaces. The Actio/2 also offers a comfortable padded seat, making it well suited for taking a rest during activities. It also features a narrow frame that makes it easy to access narrower passes.