Rollators Dolomite

Rollators Dolomite

Dolomite rollators offer confident and independent mobility

As people enter an advanced age or when exceptional circumstances arise, such as medical recovery or disability, the need for extra support when doing day-to-day activities becomes vital for maintaining a comfortable and safe quality of life. This is why we at Invacare offer the Dolomite range of rollators, which are trustworthy companions for users with a variety of needs. 

Dolomite Brass Rollator

Dolomite Brass rollator

A lightweight aluminium rollator that ensures effortless manoeuvrability over various surfaces both indoors and out, the Dolomite Brass is the perfect companion for everyday use...

cover_main|Gloss 600_10006.jpg|Dolomite Gloss rollator

Dolomite Gloss Rollator

Designed to support users while out and about, the Invacare Dolomite Gloss is the ideal rollator to empower independence. Stable and robust, the rollator contains all the core...

cover_main|FUTURA CV02.jpg|Dolomite Futura rollator

Dolomite Futura rollator

The Invacare Dolomite Futura is a universal rollator, specially designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of people who use rollators for operational adaptability. Futura is...

cover_main|JAZZ2 CV01.jpg|Dolomite Jazz2 rollator

Dolomite Jazz2 rollator

The Invacare Dolomite Jazz 2 is a stylish and functional rollator for every user. It is a lightweight rollator designed to offer excellent support and stability, during indoor and...

cover_main|SOPRANO CV05.jpg|Dolomite Soprano rollator

Dolomite Soprano rollator

Soprano is packed with excellent features that guarantee exceptional functionality. The Invacare Dolomite Soprano is a lightweight outdoor walker with large wheels, ideal on uneven...

cover_main|MAXI-CV02.jpg|Dolomite Maxi Plus rollator

Dolomite Maxi Plus rollator

Dolomite Maxi+ is your ideal rollator if you’re looking for a rollator with high weight capacity and a large frame. It has a reinforced frame with a maximum user weight capacity of...

cover_main|LEGACY-CV01.jpg|Dolomite Legacy rollator

Dolomite Legacy rollator

Dolomite Legacy by Invacare is designed with excellent features to meet a wide range of user needs. It is simply a reliable and good quality rollator for every user, designed to...

cover_main|Alpha_Basicok.jpg|Dolomite Alpha Basic rollator

Dolomite Alpha Basic rollator

The Dolomite Alpha Basic by Invacare is ideal for users who require extra support. Dolomite Alpha provides added support for gait training, arthritis, orthopaedic needs, after...

cover_main|ALPHA-CV01.jpg|Dolomite Alpha Advanced rollator

Dolomite Alpha Advanced rollator

The Invacare Dolomite Alpha Advanced is specially designed to offer additional support for users with high demand for extra support. With the Invacare Alpha Advanced, users can...

cover_main|STEP-UP CV03.jpg|Dolomite Step Up rollator

Dolomite Step Up rollator

The Invacare Dolomite Step Up is simply the best when it comes to rehabilitation. Dolomite Step Up is specially made to provide rehabilitation to several patients every day and...

cover_main|FUTURA CV02.jpg|Dolomite Futura HP rollator

Dolomite Futura HP rollator

The Invacare Futura HP has been developed to be able to satisfy the needs of the vast majority of people who use rollators for operational adaptability. It is available in four...

cover_main|MELODY-CV08.jpg|Dolomite Melody rollator

Dolomite Melody rollator

Dolomite Melody by Invacare is your go-to rollator for style and optimal functionality. Melody is built with outstanding features to meet users' needs adequately.  It is a low...

cover_main|SYMPHONY-CV02.jpg|Dolomite Symphony rollator

Dolomite Symphony rollator

The Invacare Dolomite Symphony is a dependable extra light walker with excellent adaptability qualities. Dolomite Symphony has a lightweight and anti-corrosion aluminum frame...

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What separates the Dolomite rollators from our standard walkers is the availability of models made to cater to more specific user situations. These devices are equipped with breakthrough features, that bring independence and confidence to people who require a fair bit of assistance to perform their daily activities autonomously. 

Diverse solutions for a variety of needs

The Dolomite range of walkers consists of a wide variety of 3 and 4-wheel devices, ensuring a fit for a variety of needs. Apart from all-around walkers, we also offer solutions for more specific requirements. 

The Alpha family of Dolomite walkers is orientated towards users who need extra support for gait training, arthritis, post-surgery assistance and for other orthopaedic needs. The basic version of the family features adjustable handles, providing the support needed for a comfortable walking position. The innovative mechanics of the Alpha Advanced model offer multi-directions adjustments for excellent arm support and positioning. 

We also offer a solution specifically tailored to users who undergo rehabilitation therapy. The platform support is multi-way adjustable, which makes it suitable for use even by people in wheelchairs. The platform offers manual, hydraulic or motor adjustment mechanisms and comes with a broad range of accessories and options for a superior fit to varying user needs. Due to its high-degree of hassle-free adjustability and customisation, this platform works equally well for home use and for users in public facilities with differing needs. 

The Dolomite range of rollators also cares for users who need to have on-demand access to comfortable and safe seating. For this, we offer lightweight but robust solutions, equipped with seats that accompany the users with their every step. We even provide a solution that performs excellently on rough and uneven ground, suitable for heavier users of up to 160 kg. Some of the models are foldable, making for convenient storage and transportation. 

Invacare’s Dolomite family of rollators features a diverse range of models that feature plenty of customisability options to take adjustability to the next level.