Shower chairs fixed and folding

Shower chairs fixed and folding

Invacare’s shower chairs bring safety and comfort for users and their carers

Keeping balance and standing for a long time in the shower can prove to be a challenge for the elderly and people with mobility issues. This can make bath time a struggle and lead to an unpleasant experience, with increased risk of slippage and falls. In addition, inadequate personal hygiene can bring a host of health-related complications. 

Sorrento shower chair

Sorrento shower chair belongs to the Aquatec Sorrento series of bathroom collections. The chair offers a fantastic number of features that ensure users' satisfaction. The shower...

Aquatec Pico shower chair

The Aquatec PICO is a modular system available as a PICO shower chair or stool and a PICO 3in1 commode, which are all modular with armrests. Aquatec PICO can be adjusted easily to...

The Aquatec PICO GREEN is a shower chair system that is a certified medical product. It comes with a unique, elegant modern design and provides comfort for users. It is lightweight...

i-fit 9781E shower chair

The Invacare I-Fit 9781E shower chair is your go-to shower chair for refreshing showers. This shower chair is designed specially to meet a wide range of user needs with its ample...

H296 Cadiz bath chair

The Invacare Cadiz H296 is an efficient shower chair packed with great features. It comes with an easy to handle height adjustment from 405 to 505 mm – in 5 steps, along with an...

Aquatec Galaxy shower chair

If you’re looking to get a shower chair that you can easily travel along with, the Aquatec Galaxy is your exact match. The Aquatec Galaxy is a folding height-adjustable shower...

Alize H2480 & H2480/1 shower chairs

The Invacare Alizé H2480/1 is an epoxy-coated galvanized steel shower chair with unique features. It is designed specially to meet a wide range of users' needs. It features a...

Aquatec PICO GREEN 3in1 shower chair by Invacare

The Aquatec PICO 3in1 GREEN commode is highly versatile and can be used as a shower chair, toilet frame, as well as a toilet chair. A unique and elegant medical product providing...

Pico commode

The Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode is a multi-functional aid that can support users with their individual needs. A tool-less modular design enables the commode to also be used as a...

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All of this can be avoided with our family of fixed and foldable shower chairs. They provide safe and comfortable bathing, be it under the shower or in a bathtub. Their compact design makes them an inconspicuous shower aid for a variety of bath shapes and sizes, and some models can easily accompany users on their travels. 

The risk of slippage or fall increases if the user needs to rely on a carer for hygiene routines. This is why our shower chairs are also an excellent aid for carers, providing them with comfortable and stable access to the user. 

The user’s size, weight and needs, as well as the shape and size of the area where the chair will be used, should be taken into consideration to ensure a proper fit. 

Our range of versatile solutions provides a fit for many needs 

One of the features that make Invacare’s fixed and folding shower chairs stand out is that they can be used in a variety of settings. We offer solutions for showers and bathtubs, and some models are easily configurable to suit both types. Our range also includes a shower chair that is configurable in four different ways, including as a fixed or swivel bathtub seat. We also offer a 3-in-1 model that can be transformed into a commode, commode support frame, or a soft-seated shower chair. 

Of course, all of our shower chairs offer convenient height adjustments, which allow for greater comfort for users of different heights and also easier access for carers. These chairs come with varying weight capacities with available models that cater to heavier users. 

Naturally, these products feature non-slip design facilitated by rubber leg caps. Ergonomic seats, backrest and armrest care for the user’s comfort and safety, providing for a relaxing shower. 

The chairs are compact and lightweight, with foldable models available for convenient transportation or storing away.