Shower other products

Shower other products

Our category of other shower products brings peace of mind when taking a bath

The bathroom is a particularly dangerous area for people with mobility impairments due to the higher risk of slip-and-fall. In addition, access to such areas can also present a challenge for both users and their carers. To cater to these needs we, at Invacare, offer a range of products designed to aid people and those who look after them when taking a bath. 

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Having a comfortable and safe surface to lie on is paramount for users who can’t take a bath upright and those who tire easily in a standing position. In addition, dressing and undressing are also much easier when having a stable surface in the bathroom. 

But these aids are of equal help for carers who can keep a comfortable position while tending to their patients. 

Invacare’s shower stretchers and toilet dressing tables are designed for safety, comfort and convenience

We offer a range of shower stretchers which make bathing safe and comfortable for people with mobility impairments and for their carers. Our electrical wall mount models allow users to be lifted up and down for convenient access when showering. Options with or without collections trays are also available. 

These devices also function as dressing tables for the safe and easy dressing and undressing of users. They can be adjusted in a variety of ways, but the height of the bathroom needs to taken into account when choosing the right model. 

Invacare’s family of shower stretchers also features a wheeled model that can be repositioned whenever needed with the help of casters. This model is especially suitable if its use is necessary across bathrooms, for example, in a care facility. 

The stretchers are made of high-quality and durable materials. They allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, and ensure the longevity of the products. 

Our range of shower products also features a bathtub board which is an ideal aid for a convenient bath routine. The board provides a non-slip seating, which is securely held to the tub with the help of several suction cups. The board also features a hand grip which offers extra safety, and there’s a shower head holder on both sides for convenient access to the shower. 

The bathtub board can be adjusted thanks to adjustment elements and is also available in an XL version which can hold users up to 200 kg.