Shower stools fixed and folding

Shower stools fixed and folding

Invacare’s family of shower stools makes bathing an enjoyable experience

Taking a bath shouldn’t be a challenge for people with limited mobility. This is why we offer a full range of shower stools which bring highly-adjustable and configurable solutions to people who need extra support in, the bathroom. 

Aquatec PICO shower stool

Aquatec PICO shower stool

The Aquatec PICO is a modular system available as a PICO shower chair, stool or as a PICO 3in1 commode and all modular with optional armrests and backrests. Aquatec PICO can be...

Sorrento shower stool

Aquatec Sorrento shower stool

The Sorrento shower stool belongs to the Aquatec Sorrento range of bathroom collections. The stool has excellent features that ensure satisfaction. Its superb functionality, style...

Aquatec Dot HA shower stool

Aquatec DOT shower stool

The Aquatec Dot shower stool fits perfectly into small spaces and provides excellent support for the user. The stool is the right choice if you have limited space in your bathroom...

I-Fit 9780E shower stool

Invacare I-Fit 9780E shower stool

The Invacare I-Fit 9780E is your go-to shower stool for refreshing showers. The ample stool functions are specially designed to meet a wide range of user needs, offering stability...

H291 Cadiz shower stool

Invacare H291 Cadiz shower stool

The Invacare Cadiz H291 shower stool has excellent features. It has easy to handle height adjustments from 405 to 505 mm – in 5 steps, along with an ergonomic seat surface. Which...

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Ideal for both elderly and disabled people, these bathroom stools bring confidence to both users and carers that shower time will be safe and pleasant. 

Our range of bath stools offers fixed and foldable options, along with a range of add-ons for improved safety and comfort. These devices are compact enough to fit even in smaller spaces.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Our bathroom stools bring safety and comfort that can be taken on the road

One of the great advantages of our family of bath stools is that it offers solutions for both shower and bathtub use. These stools come with customisability options that allow them to be quickly transformed to fit different user needs. 

A range of seating options caters to the requirements of users with a varying degree of mobility limitations. Ergonomic pierced seats allow for the water to easily fall through for ultimate comfort. An option with a hygiene cut allows for easy access to the intimate area. A stool featuring that can be transformed into a swivel bathtub seat is also available for improved mobility and easy transfer of the user. We also offer a model that can be turned into a swivel stool with the aid of an adapter and innovative cushion. 

Invacare’s bathroom stools come with a great degree of adjustability that allows for an ultimate fit to users with varying needs and sizes. The height-adjustable stool feet provide comfortable and secure positioning of the device, which facilitates easy bathing routines for users and their carers. 

The whole family of bath stools is made with high-quality plastics and metals that make these products durable, lightweight and compact. The foldable stool models are ideal partners for travel, bringing safety and comfort everywhere the user goes.‌ They assemble easily without the need for tools. 

Anti-slip rubber leg caps and slip-resistant seat surfaces care for the user’s safe and secure bathing. The availability of add-on armrests provides for greater safety and security, especially for users who need extra assistance to maintain balance. What’s more, we offer a bariatric model that brings safety and comfort to users weighing up to 180 kg.