Toilet chairs fixed/mobile

Toilet chairs fixed/mobile

Fixed commodes for a great degree of comfort and independence

Among the benefits that fixed commode chairs bring to users with limited mobility, and their carers, are the improved comfort and safety when nature calls. 

Styxo 2 main image

Invacare Styxo 2 toilet frame

Styxo 2 is a simple, yet cost-effective toileting solution with two functions. It can be used as a commode that can be placed nearby in the bedroom or as a supportive toilet assist...

Invacare Cascata H720T toilet chair

Invacare Cascata H720T toilet chair

The Invacare Cascata H720T is a toilet chair with a seat and bucket that can also be used to place the user on top of the toilet. One of the advantages of this chair is its small...

Pico commode

Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode chair

The Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode is a multi-functional aid that can support users with their individual needs. A tool-less modular design enables the commode to also be used as a...

H440 Omega Eco toilet chair

Invacare Omega Eco H440 toilet chair

The Invacare Omega Eco H440 is equipped with advanced features for optimal functionality. It is an ideal choice for functionality, comfort, and design.

With the snap button height...

Omega Classic H450 toilet chair

Invacare Omega H450 toilet chair

Our Invacare Omega H450 toilet chair is designed to suit a wide range of individual needs. Featuring a smart upholstered backrest and armrests with reinforced cuffs for increased...

Chaise-toilettes Invacare Omega Pliante H407

Invacare Omega H407 toilet chair

The Invacare Omega H407 is an excellent foldable solution for home and care facility use where compactness is essential. This commode toilet chair conveniently folds, making it an...

Izzo H340 toilet frame

Invacare Izzo H340 toilet frame

The Invacare Izzo H340 is a versatile toilet chair that can be used over the toilet as a toilet frame or raised toilet seat, as well as a commode with the toilet pan in the home...

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These chairs come in a range of models that tailor to different needs and what unites them all is their high level of versatility and flexibility, that come to the rescue in a host of situations. 

In addition to independence and improved comfort, these commodes make it safer to visit the toilet and also let users avoid visiting potentially slippery lavatories altogether. 

Fixed commodes are a great convenience to have, whether for users or their carers. These chairs provide easy-to-reach toilet assistance, that can prove an indispensable aid in emergencies and as an everyday solution. 

The folding models are also a great travel companion, especially if the user’s destination doesn’t provide toilet facilities that are suitable for people with limited mobility. 

Another advantage of the fixed commode is that they store away conveniently when not in use and our range offers models that are suitable for both homecare and healthcare facilities. 

Ease of use, sturdiness, and adjustability define Invacare’s family of fixed commodes

Invacare’s family of fixed commodes brings a great deal of versatility that serves a variety of user needs. For example, our Aquatec Pico commode features a modular design that makes it easy to adapt for different situations, even in tight spaces, thanks to removable armrests. 

Our fixed commodes provide superior comfort for users during their toilet routines. Some of the models feature padded backrests, seats and armrests for even greater comfort, which is not only convenient for users, but also helps them relax while tending to their business. 

What’s equally important is the these fixed commodes are very easy to use and configure. They feature compact space-saving designs which allows for easy storage. In addition, the sanitary pans attached to these commodes are also easy to take in and out. 

Some of our fixed commodes provide height-adjustable seats which makes them quite adaptable to user’s needs. The adjustable height allows the chair to be placed over different-sized toilets and also improves positioning for users and their carers. 

These fixed commodes might be compact and lightweight, but they are made of robust and durable materials that bring high weight-supporting capacity. The weight-bearing of Invacare’s fixed commode chair starts from 130 kg and goes up to 160 kg for some models.