Toilet frames

Toilet frames

Toilet frames for comfortable and safe access to the toilet

For people with limited mobility like the elderly, disabled or heavier users, using a standard toilet presents a challenge due to their height. Having to sit down on a lower surface may result in pain in the joints or muscles, and also increases the risk of losing balance. To help with this, we offer an assortment of toilet raisers that can heighten the toilet to a varying degree, depending on user preferences. 

Styxo 2 main image

Invacare Styxo 2 toilet frame

Styxo 2 is a simple, yet cost-effective toileting solution with two functions. It can be used as a commode that can be placed nearby in the bedroom or as a supportive toilet assist...

 Adeo C407A toilet frame

Invacare Adeo C407A toilet frame

The Invacare Adeo C407A is a compact and lightweight toilet frame. With integrated adjustability the toilet frame can be adjusted to suit individual user needs. The easy to operate...

Pico commode

Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode chair

The Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode is a multi-functional aid that can support users with their individual needs. A tool-less modular design enables the commode to also be used as a...

Izzo H340 toilet frame

Invacare Izzo H340 toilet frame

The Invacare Izzo H340 is a versatile toilet chair that can be used over the toilet as a toilet frame or raised toilet seat, as well as a commode with the toilet pan in the home...

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A‌ wide range of toilet raisers with and without handles and other aids

Our range of toilet raiser also features a bidet, which is suitable for improving personal hygiene for people who find difficulties in washing themselves while standing. With its modern look, the bidet also brings a sense of luxury to any home. The bidet uses standard pan fixing points to fix to existing toilets and brings a host of functionality to users, including a continuous supply of warm water, adjustable warm air dryer and intuitive hand control. 

A stackable toilet seat raiser is also on offer. Made of high-quality materials, this product’s durability and reliability make it a great fit even for heavier users up to 225 kg. The raiser features two clamps that allow it to be fitted to all common toilets. There is a lid as an optional add-on. 

Our seat raisers come in a variety of models with or without handles. They all attach very easily to a range of toilets and provide a comfortable area for sitting. The amount of rise depends on the model, which allows users to choose a raiser to their liking. 

The seat raisers with handles provide an added security when using the toilet. The handles allow users to hold on to something when sitting and standing up comfortably, and to also keep a better balance when using the raiser. Some of the models allow easy individual adjustments of the seat height and angle. There’s also a model with handles that comes in three different fixed heights. 

Heavier users can also benefit from the comfort of a toilet raiser thanks to the availability of several bariatric models. 

We also offer a night commode in the shape of a bucket. It comes with a lid and is made of high-quality ABS‌ plastic. The commode is extremely portable, which makes it ideal for a variety of situations where a user needs immediate access.