Transfer aids

Transfer aids

Invacare’s transfer aids bring safety and reliance in a home’s most accident-prone area

It is well-known that for most homes the bathrom is the most dangerous area. The slippery floors and bathtubs are dangerous enough on their own, let alone for those with mobility issues, such as elderly people and people with disabilities. The risk of slippage can make it a struggle for such users and their carers to perform the necessary hygiene routines, which comes with a host of issues. 

Aquatec Trans transfer seat

Aquatec Trans is another functional transfer seat designed by Invacare. Like Aquatec Disk, Aquatec Trans is specially made to turn and slide to give you supports to enter the bath...

Aquatec Disk shower stool

The Invacare Dot Shower Stool fits perfectly into little spaces and provides excellent support for the user. The Aquatec Dot Shower Stool is the right choice if you have limited...

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Catering to this problem we’ve come up with a range of bathroom transfer aids that bring comfort and safety to users and the people who look after them. These devices provide peace of mind for users who bathe on their own and for those who need assistance. 

The transfer aids in our range are very easy to use. They come in a variety of models suitable to a range of needs and can quickly be adapted to a variety of situations. 

Invacare’s bath transfer aids bring reliable performance in a product that is easy to store and transport. These trusted companions are ideal for home use and also on the road, ensuring that users will always have a safe way to use the bathroom. 

Consistent with all of Invacare’s products, these transfer aids bring reliable performance and adapt to a variety of needs 

The bathroom transfer aids by Invacare are designed to bring the ultimate comfort for users, and much-needed convenience if they need a carer to tend to their hygience routine. The padded seats are covered with a soft, skin-friendly cover that makes it a pleasure to use and is gentle to the user’s skin. 

These transfer aids feature non-slip covers and the step stool comes with rubber caps on the feet for a safe use where it’s needed most—in wet areas. The turntable model is only unlocked by the weight of the user. The Aquatec Disc model can be combined with the shower stool Dot and an adapter, to make a shower stool with a swivel seat. 

The extra-large seat area turns easily and makes these aids suitable even for larger users, providing them with a soft, comfortable and safe seating when taking a bath. 

To facilitate hygienic use, these products are made of easy-to-care materials that can be conveniently wiped clean after use. The non-slip cover of the Aquatec Step model is removable and machine-washable.