Walking frames

Walking frames

Our family of walking frames lets seniors and people with limited mobility maintain their independence

Even a basic activity such as walking can present a hazard to people with disabilities and the elderly. Those who recover from surgeries or undergo rehabilitation treatments also benefit from mobility aids. For it to be safe for use and do its job correctly, however, such a device must be carefully chosen according to the user’s characteristics and preferences. 

cover_main|P402 CV01.jpg|Invacare Aventia P402 walking frame

Invacare Aventia P402 walking frame

Aventia P402 is a walking frame specially designed by Invacare to cater to users’ needs efficiently. Aventia is a reciprocal frame which moves forward in step with the user. It can...

cover_main|P435B CV02.jpg|Invacare Escort P435B walking frame

Invacare Escort P435B walking frame

The Invacare Escort P435b is an aluminum fixed walking frame. The Escort is particularly lightweight and offers excellent stability to its users, thanks to its angled legs. It is...

cover_main|P409-CV01.jpg|Invacare Asteria P409 walking frame

Invacare Asteria P409 walking frame

Looking for a stable and comfortable walking frame? The new Invacare P409 Asteria is a stable, lightweight, and user-friendly walking frame. It comes with a wide and deep frame...

cover_main|P421B-CV02.jpg|Invacare Foria P421B walking frame

Invacare Foria walking frame

The Invacare Foria P421B walking frame is equipped with exceptional features to function at its best. Foria P421B is a height-adjustable walking frame with handles at two different...

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Invacare’s wide range of walking frames brings a solution to every user need. Also known as zimmer frames, these mobility aids offer great support and comfort to users who need assistance when walking. 

Our family of mobility walking frames lets users maintain autonomy when moving and sitting. They are easy to use, highly mobile and suitable for users of different heights and age. 

These mobility aids are compact and light enough to be used even in tighter areas such as over the toilet. They are suitable for users who need support when moving, but also to provide peace of mind to people who feel insecure about walking without a mobility aid. 

Invacare’s zimmer frames are reliable, lightweight and customisable to user needs

Rubber leg covers, soft handles and high-quality materials ensure that Invacare’s walking frames provide a safe experience to users. They are made of anodised aluminium which makes these devices durable and stable, boasting a stylish finish. 

In addition to being a durable and robust material, aluminium is also very lightweight, making our zimmer frames highly portable and easy to lift and use, even by users with reduced strength. 

These walking frames provide users with reliable and stable support with a high level of manoeuvrability. The two-step walking frame is ideal for sit-to-stand assistance, featuring two sets of grips that help the user when sitting down and standing up. 

The comfort of Invacare’s range of walking frames is ensured by soft foam handgrips that provide excellent grip and convenience. By allowing the user to lift up one side at a time the reciprocal model allows for a natural walking pattern for a comfortable experience when moving. 

Thanks to front wheels available as an accessory, our walking frames can turn into rollators, making them adaptable to a variety of situations. A wide range of height adjustability ensures that these mobility aids can fit users with different heights and preferences with a junior model also available. Most models are foldable, which makes for an easy storage and transportation.