Wall-mounted shower chairs

Wall-mounted shower chairs

Wall mounted shower seats for a safe and comfortable showering experience

Something as seemingly trivial as taking a shower can present quite a challenge for people with limited mobility. The bath and shower environment presents a high-risk of slipping or losing balance for all individuals but this risk increases with age. Having a stable and secure way of caring for one’s hygienic needs is equally essential for users who rely on carers. 

Aquatec Sansibar bath seat

Aquatec Sansibar wall-mounted shower seat

The Aquatec Sansibar shower seat is an innovative design aimed at satisfying users’ needs. Aquatec Sansibar is space-saving and is designed to be mounted on the wall and easily...

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To care for these needs, Invacare offers a range of wall mounted shower chairs and bathtub boards. They provide a solid and practical solution in a low-profile product. These wall mounted fold down seats cater to users of many shapes and sizes and offer a reliable solution in a high-risk area such as the bathroom.  What’s more, these aids are a perfect solution for households of multiple people, as the foldability of these seats means they won’t stand in the way of occupants who don’t need them. 

Made with durable, water-resistant materials for safe continuous use

To ensure stability when showering, our wall mounted shower seats are covered in slip-resistant coating and feature anti-slip leg covers. For even greater stability, we also offer a bathtub mat which securely attaches to the bathtub with suction cups. The mat is extra-long so it can provide anti-slippage surface throughout the whole bathtub floor. The models with handles provide extra safety and stability, for users who find difficulties in maintaining balance. 

Caring for safe and long-lasting performance, Invacare’s shower seats are made with durable materials suitable for wet conditions, such as PVC, ABS, stainless steel or aluminium. In addition, these devices offer a secure and easy install with a model that features finely-adjustable feet suitable for uneven bath floors. 

The wall-mounted solutions offer foldable seats which make for convenient and compact storage when not in use. Speaking of seats, our range of bathroom support solutions provides a variety of seating options, including a hygiene recess for easy access to the private parts, which makes bathing safe and convenient for users and their carers. 

These seats are also excellent options for people who rely on a carer. The backrest and armrest-featuring folding shower seats are an ideal companion for users who need assistance, caring for a comfortable, stable and secure transfer. We also offer a bathtub board model for bariatric users which can withhold up to 200 kg.