5L Stationary oxygen concentrator

5L Stationary oxygen concentrator

Low flow oxygen concentrator for a convenient at-home therapy

Oxygen concentrators are excellent solutions for users who need oxygen therapy at home. These devices draw oxygen from the surrounding environment and deliver it to the user according to prescribed flow rates. They are equipped with innovative technology that makes them super-reliable, efficient and user-friendly. 

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Our  well known oxygen concentrators are built to provide the utmost comfort and convenience to users and carers. These devices are an ideal solution for at-home use, allowing users to maintain their autonomy and still get their needed therapy. 

The concentrators supply users with a continuous flow of oxygen, providing a solution for a variety of lifestyles. Here we present our family of 5L options. 

Stationary 5L oxygen concentrator machines with perfect ergonomics

Among the many significant advantages of our home stationary oxygen concentrators is their mobility and manoeuverability. These devices are lightweight and compact enough to allow convenient mobility across rooms and transport easily on travels. Thanks to the compactness of these concentrators, users can make full use of their home and still receive their oxygen therapy. 

Not only are these 5L concentrators compact and easily transportable, but they are quiet too. Our breakthrough innovations have resulted in a reduction of compressor and purge sounds to almost undetectable levels. This makes these devices ideal for home use, providing a reliable performance without noise disturbance. 

Due to Invacare’s experience in respiratory care, we are able to maintain user-friendliness and bring excellent reliability to our oxygen concentrators. These 5L devices are built with the latest advances in sieve material and compressor technology. Their operation is cost-effective and they provide effortless maintenance when needed. 

The SensO2 technology provides users with a peace of mind that the oxygen they receive is of high purity. The system alerts users when the oxygen quality falls below the desired quality. An audible alarm also sets off when the oxygen quality falls under 73%, alerting the user to call a service technician. 

These oxygen concentrators are HomeFill compatible, allowing users to benefit from the independence of filling their own lightweight cylinders. The HomeFill system saves the cost and burden of delivery associated with purchasing oxygen cylinders from suppliers and provides constant access to high-grade oxygen at home. 

A range of other add-ons is also available including an optional paediatric flowmeter, which allows accurate low flow delivery between 50 to 750 cc/min. A variety of accessories such as different sized cannulas, tubing and connectors are also compatible with these systems.