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Bathroom safety

Bathroom safety

Grab handles and bars bring confidence when visting slippery areas or when  additional support when going to toilet is needed

The bathroom can be a dangerous area for anybody, but especially for the elderly and people with limited mobility. What’s more, the danger of slipping can make visting the bathroom an anxious experience and without having some additional support sitting and standing up from the toilet can not only be painful for these people but also presents an increased risk of fall and injury.

Basica H330/1 grab handle

Invacare Basica H330/1 grab handle

Basica H330/1 by Invacare is a double steel folding bar, covered with plastic, which makes it resistant to corrosion. It measures 670 mm long and 200 high, to facilitate access in...

Futura R7770 grab handle

Invacare Futura R7770 grab handle

The Invacare Futura R7770 is foldable grab handle, packed with exciting features to give the user a rewarding experience. It features two hand grips and padded armrest for more...

Futura R7762 grab handle

Invacare Futura R7762 grab handle

The Invacare Futura R7762 is a steel swing support bar, specially designed to provide the required assistance in the bathroom. It is a folding bath bar available in 2 lengths, 500...

Aqua H335 grab handle

Invacare Aqua H335 grab handle

The Invacare Aqua H335 grab bar is designed to provide users with extra support in the tub for comfort and stability.  Aqua H335 is a space-saving grab bar that is mounted on the...

Aqua H345 grab handle

Invacare Aqua H345 grab handle

The Invacare Aqua H345 is a space-saving wall-mounted support handle with support legs. The support leg is height adjustable and automatically follows when the support handle is...

Futura R7772 grab handle

Invacare Futura R7772 grab handle

Futura R7772 is a height-adjustable and foldable grab bar with leg support. It is equipped with excellent features aimed at meeting the users’ needs adequately.

Futura R7772 grab...

Futura R7773 grab handle

Invacare Futura R7773 grab handle

The Invacare Futura R7773 is specially designed to offer users the necessary support in the toilet. Futura R7773 is a height-adjustable and foldable grab bar with leg support. It...

Futura R7780 grab handle

Invacare Futura R7780 grab handle

The Invacare Futura R7780 grab bar is equipped with two hand grips with leg support and other excellent features to function optimally. It features a padded armrest for more...

Aqua H140 to H144 grab bars

Invacare Aqua H140 to H142 grab handles

The Invacare Aqua H140 to H142 grab handle is specially made from high-quality plastic, particularly impact and scratch-resistant. They are available in three different lengths and...

Stileo H170

Invacare Stileo H170 to H172 grab handles

One doesn’t need to have a disability or be at a senior age for the bathroom to present a danger. In fact, the bathroom is often quoted among the most dangerous places in a typical...

Aqua H145 grab bar

Invacare Aqua H145 grab handle

The Invacare Aqua H145 is an ergonomically angled wall grab bar, designed with excellent features to give the users a rewarding experience. The Aqua H145 grab bar guarantees an...

Ocea H320 grab bar

Invacare Ocea H320 grab handle

Invacare has a long-standing tradition in providing practical and innovative products for people with disabilities and limited mobility. As a result of our continuous innovation...

Aqua H146 grab bar

Invacare Aqua H146 grab handle

Aqua H146 is an innovative grab handle packed with exciting features to function optimally. It is a 90 ° plastic handle that provides horizontal and vertical support to its users...

Orca Side Flap Deflectors

Side flap deflectors

To be used for hand grips in the bathtub. The side flap deflector can also be shortened if required.

Futura R7792 grab bar

Invacare Futura R7792 grab bar

The Invacare Futura R7792 is designed to provide the necessary assistance in the bathroom. It in can be installed in or around the corner, and also ideal for use in the service...

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