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Matrx back cushions

Matrx back cushions

The Matrx back cushion family provides excellent quality in an assortment of products

Invacare’s Matrx range of backrests brings an excellent solution for wheelchair users in an easy-to-use product. Combined with contoured seat cushions, the Matrx family of backrests can elevate to new heights the overall experience of using a wheelchair. 

cover_main|Lightweight carbon fiber shell.jpg|Invacare Matrx MX2 cushion

Invacare Matrx MX2 backrest

Matrx MX2 is an ultra-lightweight backrest with an attractive design, specially designed for active users. It is a stylish add-on to any lightweight manual wheelchair. The MX2...

Matrx E2 main image

Invacare Matrx E2 back

The Matrx Elite E2 Back Support is our latest innovation in seating, offering maximum postural support for those with reduced mobility. With a pin assembly function for effortless...

Matrx Elite E2 Deep

Invacare Matrx Elite E2 Deep back

The Invacare Matrx Elite E2 Deep back is designed with deeper lateral supports compared to the standard model, providing optional trunk support for increased stability while...

cover_main|MATRX MINI BACK CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx mini back

Invacare Matrx mini back

The Invacare Matrx Mini Back is built to transform kids seating. It is contoured to fit children of all shapes and sizes, combining exceptional support in an appealing low profile...

cover_main|MATRXPB CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Posture back

Invacare Matrx Posture back

Matrx Posture Back comes with various excellent features aimed at ensuring a rewarding experience for the user. Matrx Posture Back is one of the Invacare’s Matrx Seating Series...

cover_main|MATRXPBDEEP CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Posture back deep

Invacare Matrx Posture back deep

The Invacare Matrx Posture Back Deep is specially designed with unique features that ensure users get value for their money. Matrx PB Deep back is contoured to provide increased...

cover_main|MATRX ELITE TR BACK CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Elite TR cushion

Invacare Matrx Elite TR cushion

Matrx Elite TR by Invacare is built with outstanding features to meet users need. It is designed for use in manual or power tilt/recline applications. Matrx Elite TR offers great...

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These wheelchair back cushions provide stability, support and comfort for ultimate lumbar support. They are designed to address issues commonly associated with wheelchair use, such as poor posture and body alignment. They also protect against pressure-related issues, like the formation of pressure ulcers. 

Wheelchair back cushions fitting a range of wheelchair sizes

Among the many great features of the Matrx backrests is their straightforward installation and adjustability, adaptable to a variety of wheelchair sizes. The optional mounting hardware allows a choice between an Easy Set quick-release, Split or Fixed mechanism. 

All of them can be quickly installed and adjustments can be made even with the user seated in the wheelchair. On top of that, the four back styles of the Matrx range are interchangeable on the Easy Set hardware which provides user-friendly multi-dimensional adjustments. 

An assortment of mounting pin sizes allows for the backs to be fitted onto a broad range of wheelchair widths. 

A wide variety of sizes, back widths and choice between four contour depths, ensures a comfortable and proper fit for a variety of user preferences and needs. In addition, several back heights are also available, providing for proper support from low to upper thoracic. 

A range of lateral and headrest options is also available for some models. 

The Matrx MX2 backrest is an excellent option for active users. Made with specially engineered carbon fibre, this back provides excellent stability in a sturdy and lightweight product. The breakthrough carbon fibre used in the making of the Matrx MX2 backrest is designed to optimise flexibility and shock absorption. Thus, the product will allow the user to maintain flexibility and stability where needed. 

The backrest of the Matrx MX2 is available in an assortment of heights and widths, allowing for a great fit to the user’s preferences. Cutouts in the shell provide breathability for a comfortable microclimate. 

This backrest can be fitted with a Mini Set quick-release hardware or a Fixed Mount. Both of them allow for a multi-dimensional adjustment of height, depth and rotation. The hardware itself is also adjustable, providing a fit for a range of wheelchair widths.