Bed related products

Bed-related products for every need

Spending long periods in bed can be a much more comfortable experience thanks to our family of bed accessories. We offer a variety of solutions that help users feel more at ease when being confined to bed. From giving them easy access to their possessions, to allowing carers to turn or move patients in the bed easily, our products care for many aspects related to staying in bed. 

Invacare Soft Tilt 2.0 | bed positioneringssysteem

Invacare Soft Tilt medical bed accessory

With the Invacare Soft Tilt, patients can be automatically repositioned while also helping care staff with daily moving and handling processes.

The Soft Tilt is an excellent...

cover_main|Baya CV01.jpg|The Invacare Bed Table Baya

Invacare Baya bed table

The Invacare Bed Table Baya is an overbed table cart that is height and angle adjustable. It is designed with good quality materials to meet users’ needs adequately. It comes with...

cover_main|L110 CV01.jpg|The Invacare Backrest Areste L110

Invacare Areste L110 backrest

Backrest Areste L110 is a manual backrest support that also serves as head support. It can be adjusted from a 45 - 60 degree angle for optimal functionality. The Invacare Areste...

cover_main|L865 CV01.jpg|The Invacare Bed Table pausa L865

Invacare Pausa L865 bed table

The Invacare Bed Table Pausa L865 is a bed accessory that lets you customise your bed to have added functions. It is a height-adjustable bed table with angle adjustable tray.


cover_main|BACKREST CV01.jpg|The Invacare Bedco Backrest

Invacare Bedco backrest

Backrest is essential for proper back support; which offers immense comfort to users. The Invacare Bedco Backrest is specially designed with excellent features to meet the needs of...

cover_main|L872 CV01.jpg|The Invacare Bed Table Kauma L872

Invacare Kauma L872 bed table

The Invacare Bed Table Kauma L872 is an overbed table, packed with excellent features to meet the user needs. It comes with automatic height adjustment - enables you to change from...

cover_main|SONBASIC CV02.jpg|The Invacare Bedside Table Sonnet Basic

Invacare Sonnet Basic bedside table

Whether it is in a home environment or in a care facility, for people who need to spend a long time in bed due to a medical-related issue, can be a dull experience. This is why we...

cover_main|L871 CV01.jpg|The Invacare Bed Cradle Statio L871

Invacare bed cradle Statio L871

Bed Cradle Statio L871 is one of Invacare’s bed accessories designed to meet users’ needs adequately. When you are confined to bed and no part of your body must be subject to any...

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A wide range of bed-related aids 

To help with the comfort of people who spend prolonged times in bed, we offer a wide range of bedside tables and bed trays. These accessories allow users to keep their possessions right where they need them. They can also serve as stable surfaces for reading and writing. The side tables are height-adjustable, so they fit the needs of a variety of users. The bed trays allow users to enjoy their meals in bed or to have a stable surface for reading/writing. 

We also offer stylish and functional bedside nightstands with drawers. They come with a wide range of functions and options, such as a model that features a swing-away board. The nightstands are height-adjustable and come in a variety of designs. They are suitable for both homecare use or for public care facilities. 

To help users get in and out of bed safely and comfortably, our family of bed accessories includes a range of lifting poles. They are a great aid for those who need extra support to get up and down. For example, we offer a height-adjustable free-standing model that comes on a stable stand, without the need for special installation. 

For those users who need to be attached to an IV, we offer height-adjustable IV drop rods and wheelbases that make it easy to move the IV system around. 

The range of bed accessories that Invacare offers also includes comfort-elevating aids, such as backrests, and stocking and tight pullers which allow users to pull up their stockings/tights/socks without bending down. 

For those who need to stay in bed without being subject to pressure, we have a bed cradle which supports the weight of sheets and blankets. 

An electrical user-turning system completes this category of products. With the help of this system, users can be easily moved or turned around. It features a sliding sheet and a turning sheet, manual control and motorised side rails on each side.