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Vicair cushions

Vicair cushions

Our Vicair wheelchair cushions bring superior comfort and support to wheelchair users

For wheelchair users, the comfort and performance of the backrest is a key characteristic of the chair. After all, wheelchair users spend much of their day in this device, which puts them at risk of developing pressure ulcers and posture-related problems if the seating and back cushioning are not performing well. 

Vicair Hygiene cushion

Whilst the performance of a seat cushion is often recognised as an important feature of a wheelchair, often people who spend much of their day seated are at greater risk of...

Vicair Centre Relief O2 image

Vicair Centre Relief O2 cushion

Vicair Centre Relief O2 wheelchair cushion is the one of the best solutions to completely offload the rectum perineum and coccyx area in the wheelchair. By simply removing...

Vicair Vector O2 cushion

Vicair Vector O2 cushion

Vicair Vector O2 is the most advanced wheelchair cushion within the Vicair O2 range, providing an optimal combination of pressure prevention, stability, and positioning. Vector O2...

Vicair Adjuster O2 cushion

Vicair Adjuster O2 cushion

Vicair Adjuster O2 is a highly reputable wheelchair cushion is filled with pressure distributing SmartCells that offers a high level of skin protection. This adjustable wheelchair...

Vicair Active O2 cushion

Vicair Active O2 cushion

Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion combines Vicair SmartCell technology with the added stability of foam. Designed with four sections of air-filled SmartCells to the rear ensuring...

Vicair Junior Vector O2 pressure cushion without cover

Vicair Junior O2 cushion

The Vicair Junior Vector O2 is designed for the child’s physique. Based on the Vicair Vector O2 and filled with small-sized SmartCells, it provides optimal pressure redistribution...

Vicair Twin O2 cushion

Vicair Twin O2 cushion

Vicair Twin O2 wheelchair cushion has two compartments – a front and rear, for even pressure distribution and to help prevent sliding forward. As part of the highly reputable...

Vicair Liberty Profile

Vicair Liberty cushion

Staying comfortable and maintaining proper posture while using a wheelchair can be a tough challenge without adequate support. Postural misalignments and unintentional sliding can...

Vicair XXtra O2 cushion 3/4 angle view without cover

Vicair Xxtra O2 cushion

The Vicair XXtra O2 wheelchair cushion has been specifically developed for bariatric users. The compartments are filled with bigger SmartCells, offering heavier users with a weight...

Main -Vicair_AllRounder_O2_Side - Vicair cushion

Vicair AllRounder O2 cushion

Vicair AllRounder O2 is the perfect pressure relieving cushion for activities outside of the wheelchair. Ergonomically shaped, this Vicair cushion easily fastens to the body as a...

Main Vicair iShear

Vicair iShear device

iShear is the first clinical tool to measure Total Shear Force* (tendency to slide) in the seat plane. In clinics worldwide, sliding has always been reported as a major problem in...

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But, even with wheelchairs that provide a well-functioning backrest as a standard option, users can benefit from an enhanced add-on cushion such as those from our Vicair range. These backrests offer superior performance in much-needed areas like the spinal cord area and bring protection against pressure-related complications. Here are some of the excellent features of the Vicair cushion family. 

The Vicair cushions offer adaptability to a wide range of user needs

Invacare’s family of Vicair cushions includes several types of back cushions and a back strap. Each of them is made of high-quality materials for superior comfort and support, also providing adaptability to a range of uses. For example, we offer universal solutions that can fit a variety of back systems. 

We also offer an option designed specifically for use with the Invacare Rea Azalea Flex 3 backrest system. This model features 13 adjustable compartments with a central compartment that brings offloading around the spinal cord. 

Among the wide range of models available, there’s also a solution that combines the Vicair SmartCell technology with the sturdy aluminium shell of the Matrx Elite Deep backrest. This model is ideal for users with a kyphotic curvature and those at risk for skin breakdown. 

Our Vicair back cushions implement multiple features to ensure excellent skin protection and anti-decubitus properties. First, thanks to innovative materials and design, this backrest provides optimal pressure redistribution. Second, the covers provide protection from shear, which is a contributing factor in the development of pressure ulcers. Third, the mesh covers provide microclimate control which cares for the comfort and hygiene of the user. 

The Vicair back cushions cater to the stability and positioning needs of wheelchair users in every way. Lateral and frontal stability properties, sliding prevention and the plentiful adjustment options, allow for a great fit and superior offloading. Our range of products provides solutions, for even more specific needs. 

Invacare’s family of Vicair products is easy to clean and maintain, which is excellent for user comfort, but also cares for the protection against skin breakdown.