Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses

Non-powered hybrid support surfaces suitable for patients with a high risk of pressure injuries

Although there is no generally accepted definition of a hybrid surface, hybrid support surfaces combine foam and air to maximise the pressure redistribution benefits. Non-powered hybrid technology works on the principle of air displacement. When a person repositions his or her weight, air moves within the mattress to surrounding cells for optimum pressure redistribution. This is increasing the contact area with the mattress.

InvaSoft™ Hybrid

InvaSoft Hybrid mattress

Our award-winning InvaSoft Hybrid mattress, features advanced hybrid technology to better manage the critical factors associated with pressure injury. InvaSoft Hybrid uses an...

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The new InvaSoft Hybrid support surface from Invacare is designed to address the key external influencing factors of pressure injury development:

  • Pressure
  • Shear
  • Friction
  • Moisture & Temperature (Microclimate)

Making use of a unique combination of innovative materials and technologies and is suitable for the care of patients with a very high risk of developing pressure injuries.

Our non-powered hybrid support surface provides customised support

Eight horizontally placed aircells combined with an innovative noodle material and foam support provide a customised, open and pressurised reactive pressure.

The InvaSoft Hybrid support surface is auto-adjusting and will provide individualised pressure redistribution in all patient positions. The sloped heel section combined with a uniquely designed anti-shear material helps to transfer weight away from the vulnerable heel area, offering added prevention for heel pressure injuries.

The cover of InvaSoft Hybrid is made of a durable and highly breathable material that prevent shear and friction and completely removable for machine washing.

Invacare’s InvaSoft Hybrid support surface provides an easy, effective and efficient solution suitable for most bed spaces in the hospital, long term care or community environment.

Cleaning and decontamination processes can be reduced with the use of a hybrid support surface compared to powered support surfaces. Non powered hybrid support surfaces are just as easily cleaned and decontaminated as static foam mattresses.

The need for periodically servicing control units is greatly reduced within healthcare settings by non-powered hybrid support surfaces and alleviates the risk of having prolonged downtimes of systems and the need to have more systems than are actually being used.