Lifters, hoists and slings

Lifters, hoists and slings

Lifts and hoist slings for any need

Invacare’s patient lifting solutions are designed to serve a variety of needs, like lifting paraplegic and tetraplegic clients, as well as post-surgery and elderly patients with mobility impairments. 


We styled our stationary lifter lyte specially to blend seamlessly into a bedroom environment. Removing the need for excessive handling, the award-winning lyte lifter is very...

Invacare Slings Comfort in Situ

The Invacare Slings is a great addition to Invacare’s patient lifting equipment, specially optimised to provide safe, supportive, and comfortable transfer for the individual. It is...

Birdie EVO Compact patient lifter

Birdie EVO Compact offers a comfortable lift and transfers to or from beds, chairs, or even the floor. Birdie Compact is CE-certified in line with the Medical Device Directive 93...

cover_main|Birdie-evo-180kgEVO.jpg|The Invacare Birdie Evo patient lifter

The Invacare Birdie EVO and Birdie EVO Compact are specially designed to offer a comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs, or even the floor. Ideal for use in domestic...

Birdie EVO PLUS patient lifter

The Invacare Birdie EVO Plus offers maximum space for the user, amongst other premium functions. Birdie Evo Plus provides a truly comfortable lift and transfers to or from beds...

Birdie EVO XPLUS patient lifter

The Invacare Birdie EVO family has been designed to offer a high feature-set of options that have been blended with new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when...

cover_main|ISA-compact_3513.jpg|The Invacare ISA Compact patient lifter

The Invacare Isa Compact is specially designed to offer the best lifting experience for both the client and carer. It is perfect for an environment with limited space and comes...

cover_main|ISA-standard_3527.jpg|The Invacare ISA Standard stand assist lifter

The ISA or the Invacare Stand Assist wheelchair is a versatile product range of stand assist lifters for comfortable and efficient transfers. The ISA has been designed to suit a...

cover_main|ISA PLUS CV01.jpg|The Invacare ISA Plus patient lifter

Isa Plus is one of the Invacare’s new versatile Stand Assist lifter with optimised design for comfortable transfers. Isa Plus offers superb lifting experience for both the client...

ISA XPLUS patient lifter

The Invacare Isa XPLUS is specially designed to offer superior care to plus-size clients. Isa XPLUS provides the best lifting experience for both the client and the carer. It comes...

cover_main|SOLLEVATORI CV03.jpg|The Invacare Atlante patient lifter

Compact and easy to manoeuver - the best choice for home care. Compact in size and offering maximum manoeuverability, these mobile lifters provide the ideal solution for the...

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Our range of lifters and hoist slings are suitable for both medical and at-home use, making them a versatile tool for any situation. 

Invacare’s line of patient lifting solutions includes mobile hoists, standing hoists, disabled hoists, a ceiling-mounted hoist lift and a variety of hoist slings available in different sizes and fabrics. 


Superior features for Invacare’s family of hoist lifts

The lifting solutions by Invacare provide an easy, fast and safe client transfer. 

The Birdie Evo family of electric hoist lifts ensures safe operability with systems like the SMARTLOCK™ feature, which allows a quick, tool-free and secure change of the spreader bar. The Slow'R™ dampener reduces the rocking movement, making transfer safer and more comfortable. A Snap Lock feature and an emergency stop button also care for the client and caregiver’s safety. 

Invacare’s mobile hoist range is suitable for home use, offering compact and easy to operate models. Built with high-quality materials, these devices are durable and comfortable, making for an enhanced usability experience for both clients and caregivers. They fold and unfold without the need for tools and can be neatly stored away or transported, when needed. 

Our family of stand assist hoists features design improvements like ergonomic hand grips, extendable lifting arm, lower leg support and foot plates that come in different sizes. In addition, depending on the model, the ISA family of standing hoists provides a solution for clients with different body shapes and up to 200 kg. 

The mobile hoist family by Invacare offers enhanced usability in different situations, such as moving a client in and out of a chair, a bed or from the floor and bringing them to the toilet even in narrow spaces. The devices offer a convenient 360-degree rotating system and functional dual casters. 

The range of hoist slings caters to a variety of client needs and comes in different sizes and fabrics. They provide a safe and comfortable solution, have been developed under the guidance of professional caregivers, and come with handy instructions imprinted on the back of the slings.