Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

Invacare manual wheelchairs are designed to optimise convenience, comfort and performance

As the term suggests, the defining feature of the manual wheelchair is that it is self-propelled. In other words, it is driven and controlled by the user himself/ herself --or by a caregiver. The absence of a motor in these vehicles makes them relatively lightweight and simpler in terms of design, with folding and rigid models that afford adaptability and easy transport. Ergonomics are also essential in the selection of a wheelchair, and Invacare offers a wide array of specialised options for seats, backrests and support materials, which can be ordered in diverse measurements to optimise comfort. Not to be forgotten, style forms part of the equation in every case, with a choice of colours, a wide array of primary materials and different wheelchair size options, to suit the needs of each individual user. 

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Finding the best wheelchair for each user’s lifestyle and level of activity

Convenient, safe, compact and user-friendly, the Invacare manual wheelchair is often the preferred option for independent, active users and for those with busy lifestyles, requiring varying degrees of physical exertion and promoting self-sufficiency and upper-body strength. 

The large selection of Invacare chairs meets the needs of users of different ages and vastly diverse lifestyles and circumstances, from children to elderly users and athletes, in each case placing priority on a given set of aspects. Hence, while all Invacare wheelchairs include the common features of convenience, safety and comfort, we offer specially designed manual wheelchairs for the differing levels of activity and lifestyles of each person. This translates to lightweight folding wheelchairs for children; basic transit models such as the Action 1 R manual wheelchair or Alu, among others, which afford robust stability and durability for less active users; the lighter weight and easy drive of the Action NG manual wheelchairs range for those who enjoy moderate levels of activity; the Küschall range for the highly active, with ultra-lightweight options and refined lines. 

The decision of which wheelchair to purchase will ultimately depend on the lifestyle and personality of the user. When all their specific needs are taken into account, there is no doubt that the result will be the very best wheelchair.