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Shower aids for a safe and comfortable showering experience

Something as seemingly basic as taking a shower can present quite challenge for people with limited mobility. Keeping balance and standing for a long time in the shower can prove to be quite demanding for the elderly and people with mobility issues. This can make showering a struggle and lead to an unpleasant experience, with increased risk of slippage and falls. In addition, inadequate personal hygiene can bring a host of health-related complications. To solve this problem, we at Invacare offer a full range of shower stools which bring highly-adjustable and configurable solutions to people who need extra support in, the bathroom.

Ocean Ergo 24

Aquatec Ocean 24" Ergo & Ocean 24” Ergo XL

Aquatec Ocean 24” Ergo and 24” Ergo XL are modular self-propelled shower chair commodes within the renowned Ocean Ergo range. Ocean 24” Ergo and the 24” Ergo XL with its wider...

Ocean VIP Ergo Shower chair

Aquatec Ocean Ergo VIP & Ocean Ergo Dual VIP

Aquatec Ocean VIP Ergo and Dual VIP Ergo are modular tilt-in-space shower chair commodes within the renowned Ocean Ergo range. Ocean VIP Ergo and Dual VIP Ergo suit a wide range of...

Lima 5'' shower chair

Invacare Lima 5'' shower chair

Invacare offers a wide range of solutions to support people with their bathroom and toileting routines, such as the Lima 5" shower chair. The Lima 5" can offer support for those...

Lima 24'' Shower chiar

Invacare Lima 24'' shower chair

Invacare offer a wide range of solutions to support those with limited mobility, with their bathroom and toileting needs, such as the Lima H273 24’’ self-propel shower chair. The...

Aquatec Sansibar bath seat

Aquatec Sansibar wall-mounted shower seat

The Aquatec Sansibar shower seat is an innovative design aimed at satisfying users’ needs. Aquatec Sansibar is space-saving and is designed to be mounted on the wall and easily...

Pico commode

Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode chair

The Aquatec PICO 3in1 commode is a multi-functional aid that can support users with their individual needs. A tool-less modular design enables the commode to also be used as a...

Aquatec Pico shower chair

Aquatec PICO shower chair

The Aquatec PICO is a modular system available as a PICO shower chair or stool and a PICO 3in1 commode, which are all modular with armrests. Aquatec PICO can be adjusted easily to...

Aquatec PICO shower stool

Aquatec PICO shower stool

The Aquatec PICO is a modular system available as a PICO shower chair, stool or as a PICO 3in1 commode and all modular with optional armrests and backrests. Aquatec PICO can be...

Sorrento shower chair

Aquatec Sorrento shower chair

Sorrento shower chair belongs to the Aquatec Sorrento series of bathroom collections. The chair offers a fantastic number of features that ensure users' satisfaction. The shower...

Sorrento shower stool

Aquatec Sorrento shower stool

The Sorrento shower stool belongs to the Aquatec Sorrento range of bathroom collections. The stool has excellent features that ensure satisfaction. Its superb functionality, style...

i-fit 9781E shower chair

Invacare I-Fit 9781E shower chair

The Invacare I-Fit 9781E shower chair is your go-to shower chair for refreshing showers. This shower chair is designed specially to meet a wide range of user needs with its ample...

I-Fit 9780E shower stool

Invacare I-Fit 9780E shower stool

The Invacare I-Fit 9780E is your go-to shower stool for refreshing showers. The ample stool functions are specially designed to meet a wide range of user needs, offering stability...

H296 Cadiz bath chair

Invacare Cadiz H296 shower chair

The Invacare Cadiz H296 is an efficient shower chair packed with great features. It comes with an easy to handle height adjustment from 405 to 505 mm – in 5 steps, along with an...

H291 Cadiz shower stool

Invacare H291 Cadiz shower stool

The Invacare Cadiz H291 shower stool has excellent features. It has easy to handle height adjustments from 405 to 505 mm – in 5 steps, along with an ergonomic seat surface. Which...

Aquatec Dot HA shower stool

Aquatec DOT shower stool

The Aquatec Dot shower stool fits perfectly into small spaces and provides excellent support for the user. The stool is the right choice if you have limited space in your bathroom...

Universal soft seat

Universal soft seat

The Universal Soft Seat makes sitting more comfortable if the toileting function is not needed.

Ocean Ergo Accessory 4

Various backrests

Invacare offers a broad range of backrests including solid, textile or soft.

Ocean toilet pan

Toilet pan

Ergonomic handle allows the pan to be easily removed. Features a lid holder that ensures the lid keeps in place when not required and so it does not get lost.

Ocean VIP gallery image 3


An easy to apply function which prevents the frame tilting anteriorly past 0°. This ensures the frame remains horizontal to the ground and is an aid for those who are hoisted in...

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For people with mobility limitations, accessing the bath can be a difficult challenge that comes with hygiene and health implications. To solve this problem, we at Invacare offer a range of bath lifts and transfer aids suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities.