Medical beds

Medical beds

Electric beds for every need

Invacare’s range of electric beds brings a variety of solutions suitable for many environments. We offer models that can be used for home care or as hospital beds in care facilities. These beds are also ideal for a range of needs, including disabled, bariatric, and paediatric users. 

cover_main|Ultra-bed_4449.jpg|The Invacare NordBed Ultra medical bed

The NordBed Ultra by Invacare adapts easily to suit a range of clients requirements – especially for people with dementia and those who are more dependent on others. It is easily...

NordBed Optimo

The NordBed Optimo is the ideal bed for homecare environments, with exceptional comfort and ease of use for the client, the NordBed Optimo is continuously promoting independence...

Medley Ergo Medical Bed

Medley Ergo Family is one of the Invacare Medley Ergo range. The Medley Ergo range boast of several mattress platform sections that offers improved comfort for clients, reduces...

cover_main|120-bed_4185.jpg|The Invacare NordBed Optimo Wide medical bed

The NordBed Optimo Wide is a suitable bed for plus-size clients. It is specially made for home care and long term care environments and offers superior comfort and usability...

cover_main|SB755 CV09.jpg|The Invacare SB755 Medical Bed

The Invacare SB 755 Bed is a flawless bed with amazing functions that meet the user needs base on individual choices. Comforts, safety, ease of handling, amongst others are some of...

Invacare NordBed Essential Medical Bed

NordBed Essential is built with outstanding features that make it a perfect bed for nursing homes. It has a height of just 28 cm, which guarantees the safety and security of the...

Invacare Etude Plus Medical Bed

The Etude Plus care bed is equipped with excellent features that make it perfect for homecare use. The features span across aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, ease of handling...

cover_main|ALEGIONG CV05.jpg|The Invacare Alegio NG Medical Bed

The Invacare Alegio NG Bed is an innovative bed with excellent features – it fits easily into any home care or institutional environment. Alegio NG Bed offers optimal comfort to...

cover_main|ACCENT-CV04.jpg|The Invacare Accent Medical Bed

Whatever your needs are, the Accent bed falls short of nothing. This bed comes with optimal functionality and aesthetically pleasing design. It offers satisfying comfort to its...

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Hospital beds for optimal comfort and straightforward usability

Younger users can also benefit from our range of electric beds thanks to our paediatric model. This solution comes in three sizes, making it suitable for children aged 3-12 years old. The bed meets the Nordic Requirements Specifications for safety. The models from this family of electric beds provide excellent ergonomics and the appropriate features necessary for caregivers to tend to the kids. 

Our family of electric beds offers a solution dedicated to bariatric users. The model has a working load of up to 385 kg and provides an excellent care, support and comfort to users. The bed is made in a way that allows convenient access to the user, and assembly and disassembly are effortless despite the size of the bed. 

Our electric beds are easy to operate and come with straightforward controls. They are convenient to handle, transport, and store. The hand controls are also comfortable and easy to use, allowing even clients to operate them according to their needs and preferences. 

People with limited mobility are at higher risk of fall and other injuries, which is why we’ve paid great attention to the safety of our medicak beds. They are equipped with features that cater to the safety of users during transfer and when using the bed. These features make it also more convenient for carers to help users get in and out of bed, minimising the risk of fall. 

Naturally, comfort of use and operation is one of the top priorities for an electric bed, which is why our models are equipped with a variety of features that ensure excellent comfort for users and those who control the bed’s functionality. These hospital beds for home maintain their comfort regardless of whether the user is in a completely horizontal position or is propped in a reclined position. 

Our electric beds are built for utmost care and comfort, but for an even greater fit, we also offer a range of add-ons and accessories. An assortment of woodwork finishes, a variety of headboards, and bed ends allow for customisation of the bed’s look. Functional add-ons such as a variety of side rails, covers, and safety features are also on offer. A range of hand controls is also available, bringing added functionality to the bed’s controls. The availability of these add-ons depends on the model of the bed.