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Manual wheelchair medium active

Manual wheelchair medium active

What Makes Invacare’s Action Wheelchair Range an Excellent Choice

Invacare’s Action range of wheelchairs offers a host of possibilities for medium-active users seeking performance at an affordable price.

Action 3NG Rocking Chair

The Action 3NG RC is a 6 wheeled manual wheelchair, designed from the successful Action 3 NG. Sharing an extensive range of cross-compatible options and accessories with the...

Action 2NG Transit Lite ¾ angle right direction

Action 2 NG Transit Lite manual wheelchair

Say hello to our new Action 2 NG Transit Lite. Our latest every-day chair from our award-winning Action range. Lighter and more compact enabling you to take action and go. 

With a...

Manual wheelchair Invacare Action 2 NG

Action 2 NG manual wheelchair

Our Action 2 NG Self-Propel is one of our entry-level manual wheelchairs in the Action range. A very well-established range that is highly respected for its endless configuration...

Invacare Action3 NG Manual wheelchair blue frame

Invacare Action 3 NG manual wheelchair

With easy set-up and an extensive range of options and accessories, the Action 3 NG by Invacare serves a variety of people's needs. Thanks to its very light weight and foldable...

cover_main|ACTIONXT CV01.jpg|Manual wheelchair Invacare Action XT black frame

Invacare Action XT manual wheelchair

The Action XT is the new Invacare wheelchair from the renowned wheelchair range manufactured by the company with the Action slogan. This wheelchair is characterised by having such...

cover_main|299.jpg|Manual wheelchair Invacare Action 4 NG red frame

Invacare Action 4 NG manual wheelchair

Invacare offers with the Action 4 NG, a wheelchair with a double cross reinforcement system; this increases stiffness and help the user to drive the chair but not only. The Action...

Invacare Action 5 manual wheelchair

Invacare Action 5 manual wheelchair

Invacare has designed the wheelchair Action 5 for those people who despite their condition want to lead an active life. This chair is easy to drive and has a reliable design. It...

Invacare Myon HC manual wheelchair

Invacare MyOn HC manual wheelchair

Invacare has designed the MyOn HC wheelchair seeking to create a wheelchair for users who want their chair to be easily folded for handling, storage and transport. This chair has...

cover_main|SPIREA4NG CV01.jpg|Manual wheelchair Invacare Rea Spirea 4 NG black frame

Rea spirea 4 NG manual wheelchair

Rea Spirea 4 NG by Invacare is furnished with outstanding features to meet the needs of various users. With its dynamic, durable, and lightweight buildup, the Invacare Rea Spirea 4...

cover_main|FOCUS CV07.jpg|Manual wheelchair Invacare Rea Focus blue frame

Rea Focus & Rea Focus 150 manual wheelchair

The Rea Focus wheelchair is Invacare’s most easy to maintain chair. This chair has a rigid seat base that provides an excellent user support and avoids postural pain. Another great...

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These chairs feature adjustable backrests, rocking seats, and reclining legrests for superior comfort during prolonged use. When designing these chairs, we take care to build a quality product with top-notch all-around performance. 

The chairs of our passive range are suitable for users of different ages, body shapes, and sizes and some are customizable for the best fit. These devices care for the user’s positioning and comfort and feature safety mechanism for worry-free use of the tilt the function. 

Among Other Options, the Range Features the Innovative “Tilt in Space” Wheelchair

The REA‌ Azalea model comes in four sizes depending on the user’s body size—Base model; Minor model for petite adults and teenagers; Tall for taller users; and Max for heavier users. All models feature Invacare’s Dual Stability System for an added safety.  

The backrest is adjustable in multiple positions and can even be rotated upside down to accommodate various user needs. The REA‌ Azalea and REA Azalea Assist models also feature seat tilt and backrest recline. 

The REA Azalea Base model features the “Tilt in Space” function, which is a weight-shifting mechanism that ensures stability when in tilt mode. What’s more, the viaplus v12 pushing aid can remain fixed on the chair without getting in the way of the tilting functionality. 

For users seeking comfort and performance in a smaller package, the REA‌ Dahlia is the perfect fit. The chair offers tilt feature and adjustability functions in a compact design. Optional Matrx backrests are available for an added comfort. In addition, the Dahlia model’s seat can be lowered substantially for users who can foot propel the chair. 

The REA Clematis model relieves pressure points when in tilt mode by balancing the pressure areas between the seat and the backrest. The chair features high pivot points around the knee joints and the pelvic area to provide a smooth and natural movement of the body. 

The Action 3 NG model is the lightest wheelchair in its field, and its weight can be further decreased through optional features. The chair offers easy set-up and is cross-compatible with the wide assortment of add-ons for the Action range. It offers great comfort and performance and can be adjusted in a variety of ways.