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Posture corrector

Posture corrector

We all know how important it is to maintain a natural posture of the body, regardless of the position, be it standing, sitting or in bed. Doing so is one of the key ways to prevent developing chronic complications down the road, but this task can be especially challenging for people with disabilities who might have only partial or no control over their posture. This is why our line of posture correctors features solutions for a variety of needs, including belts, cushions, pads and more.

Matrx Loxx headrest

Matrx Loxx Headrest

The award-winning Matrx Loxx headrest is the newest addition to the Matrx seating series.Its a simple and intuitive wheelchair headrest offering elegant and effective head support...

cover_main|MATRX ELAN CV02.jpg|Invacare Matrx Elan Headrest

Invacare Matrx Elan headrest

Matrx Elan headrest by Invacare features an adjustable design and other features that make it function at its best. It has a compact, lightweight, and adjustable design.

 Matrx Elan...

cover_main|Evoflex.jpg|Hip belts - HB235 posture corrector

Bodypoint Hip belts HB235 posture corrector

Bodypoint’s range of hip belts offers an assortment of options that make these products extremely versatile. Users can choose from an assortment of belts, buckles, pull types, end...

cover_main|new push button buckle_small for grids.jpg|Bodypoint products posture corrector

Bodypoint products posture corrector

The Invacare Bodypoint Products are specially designed to offer excellent positioning. Right positioning is essential for athletes, as it helps them compete strongly at a good pace...

cover_main|HB104_grid.jpg|Hip belts - HB216 posture corrector

Bodypoint Hip belts HB216 posture corrector

Invacare’s Bodypoint range of seating systems provides great versatility in the pressure and posture care category of products. This family of belts, Ankle Huggers and harnesses...

cover_main|4-pt push button center pull.jpg|Hip belts - HB405 posture corrector

Bodypoint Hip belts HB405 posture corrector

Bodypoint’s seating systems are developed with Invacare’s long-lasting expertise in the field of pressure and posture care. This line of products offers solutions to a variety of...

cover_main|Monoflex image SH120L-B3.jpg|Monoflex posture corrector

Bodypoint Monoflex posture corrector

Monoflex is one of the Invacare range of Bodypoint Products, designed to offer excellent positioning to users. Monoflex specifically provides strong and comfortable abdominal/chest...

cover_main|SH280L_01_P_M_new.jpg|Pivotfit posture corrector

Bodypoint Pivotfit posture corrector

Invacare designed the Bodypoint family of support belts, straps, and harnesses as a solution to the needs of wheelchair users for having a proper postural alignment and pressure...

cover_main|SH340L_01_P_L_narrow zipper stayflex.jpg|Stayflex posture corrector

Bodypoint Stayflex posture corrector

Wheelchair use without the proper postural support and pressure care can cause postural problems, worsen existing conditions, and lead to painful pressure ulcers. Thus, relying on...

Trimline Bodypoint

Bodypoint Trimline posture corrector

The Invacare Trimline is specially designed to provide users with the best upper body support. Trimline gives users the required support while allowing the most freedom across the...

cover_main|Side Release Ankle Huggers_2010.jpg|Ankle hugger posture corrector

Bodypoint Ankle hugger posture corrector

Ankle Huggers are part of the Invacare ranges of Bodypoint Products, designed to offer excellent lower body positioning to users. Ankle Huggers specifically help balance the lower...

cover_main|Calf Panel.jpg|Calf panel posture corrector

Bodypoint Calf panel posture corrector

The Invacare Calf Panel features the proprietary Aeromesh material for enhanced functionality. Aeromesh fabric is bonded to a durable stiffener to allow airflow while maintaining...

cover_main|calfstrap.jpg|Calf strap posture corrector

Bodypoint Calf strap posture corrector

The Invacare Calf Strap is specially designed to offer excellent lower body positioning to its users. It is an Aeromesh Padded Calf Strap that provides comfortable support and also...

Belts & harnesses posture corrector

Invacare Belts & harnesses posture corrector

The Invacare Flo-tech PT’s range of harnesses are manufactured with high standard features to meet a wide range of users need.  Flo-tech PT’s range of harnesses are explicitly...

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