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Bodypoint Ankle hugger posture corrector

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Ankle Huggers are part of the Invacare ranges of Bodypoint Products, designed to offer excellent lower body positioning to users. Ankle Huggers specifically help balance the lower body in response to upper body movements. Their patented design provides a more stable, comfortable, and effective alternative to rigid shoe holders or foot straps, which leads to the right position. Lower body positioning has a massive influence on the quality of life for people using wheelchairs. The Invacare Ankle Huggers provides the necessary support for excellent positioning to users.

Ankle Huggers comes in a patented shape that ensures even pressure distribution all around the ankle. They also have reinforcement patches made of high-strength, injection-molded polyurethane for unparalleled strength. Ankle Huggers, along with other Invacare’s Bodypoint Products such as support straps, calf panels and calf straps, work in different ways to provide excellent lower body positioning to the user. Ankle Huggers are ideal for helping people achieve their full potentials. Depending on the level of positioning required, users can use Ankle Huggers to achieve their aim.

Overall, the Invacare Ankle Huggers are carefully designed with excellent features that meet users’ needs adequately. They offer lower body positioning to users. Below are some key features of the Invacare Ankle Huggers:

  • Easy-opening straps: The Invacare Ankle Huggers comes with easy-opening straps for quick adjustments in fit.
  • High performance: The Invacare Ankle Huggers support straps help balance the lower body in response to upper body movements.
  • Edge-bound: Ankle Huggers features an edge-bound that prevents laminated pad from cutting into the calf.
  • Double-tapered: The Invacare Ankle Huggers features a double-tapered shape that distributes pressure across the mid-section.
  • Universal Elastic Strap: The Invacare Ankle Huggers offers temporary positioning for work, play, sports, therapy, or fittings with highly stretchable, sturdy neoprene that won’t damage clothes.

Durability: Ankle Huggers are designed with excellent materials to last even longer than expected.

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