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Manual wheelchair active

Manual wheelchair active

Active wheelchairs in a Durable and Lightweight Profile

Our manual wheelchairs in the active range are made of the küschall and XLT‌ families. These active wheelchairs provide great performance in a lightweight and compact product which makes them a suitable travel companion. The products are designed to fit a range of tastes and offer a wide choice of customisation. 

Küschall KSL manual wheelchair

Küschall The KSL manual wheelchair

The Invacare KSL is stylishly designed with unique features that provide users with an unbeatable experience. If you’re looking to have a manual wheelchair that genuinely stands...


Küschall K-series manual wheelchair

The Invacare Küschall K-series is designed with excellent features that make it one of the best Küschall versions. Küschall K-series features a unique versatile seat module that...

Manual wheelchair Küschall Champion black frame.

Küschall Champion manual wheelchair

The Küschall Champion delivers optimal functionality to users. This manual wheelchair is foldable with the rigidity of a fixed frame – this gives users an incredible driving...

cover_main|COMPACT 2.0 CV07.jpg|Manual wheelchair Küschall Compact black frame

Küschall Compact manual wheelchair

The Invacare Küschall Compact is your go-to wheelchair for absolute reliability, high-class quality, and outstanding functionality. Küschall Compact can easily be adapted to suit...

Manual wheelchair Invacare XLT Active & Dynamic silver frame

Invacare XLT Dynamic manual wheelchair

Get Perfect Support – Remain Active!

 The new Invacare XLT is the ideal active, rigid chair for day to day use. Designed to be perfectly adjusted to fit the body and offers it’s...

Invacare XLT Swing wheelchair

Invacare XLT Swing manual wheelchair

The Invacare XLT Swing ensures users get the best support and remain active! It is the ideal active and rigid chair for day-to-day use. Designed to be perfectly adjusted to fit the...

cover_main|XLT Max CV01.jpg|Manual wheelchair Invacare XLT Max blue frame

Invacare XLT Max manual wheelchair

Invacare’s new wheelchair called the XLT Max is the ideal bariatric chair due to its rigid material, which can be used every day without suffering wear. This chair is made with...

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The active range of manual wheelchairs is suitable for users who keep an active lifestyle and need a durable product that, at the same time, comes in a compact body. Of course, in making these wheelchairs lightweight and compact, we’ve also made sure they are strong enough by using durable, high-quality materials. In addition, the wheelchairs are available in a range of sizes and colours to allow optimal comfort and customisation. 

Two Families of Active wheelchairs Cater to a Variety of User Needs

The küschall family of active wheelchairs offers a great range of models and options, making these products a great fit for many needs. A distinctive feature of this range of active wheelchairs is their short seat that gives users and optimal mobility in the upper limbs. 

The K-Series combines performance and aesthetics with durability thanks to the variety of frame materials like aluminium, titanium and carbon. The K-Series Attract is suitable for users who seek compactness, easy handling, and quality performance in a great looking product.  

The küschall Compact caters to users with reduced strength which can also be adapted for hemiplegic users. The küschall Compact Attract takes the best of both worlds, offering superior driving performances with compactness and low profile, well-suited for easy transport.  

küschall Champion is an ideal option for regular travellers, thanks to its sleek body, a system for easy folding, and availability in a range of durable materials. As the name suggests, the küschall Ultra-Light focuses on offering users an ultra-lightweight wheelchairs option, which on top of that features a “one-finger” folding system.  

Another option that brings “ultra-light wheelchairs” to another level is the KSL‌ which weighs only 7 kg in its standard configuration.  

The XLT family caters to users who are seeking a rigid wheelchairs. The Swing model is a suitable option for day-to-day use and offers a great deal of adjustability to user needs. The Active & Dynamic model is an ideal option for a rigid active wheelchairs. We also cater to bariatric users with the XLT‌ Max model, which can hold up to 180 kg and offers a seat width of up to 60 cm.