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Propad cushions

The Propad cushions family of Invacare brings top-notch comfort

Wheelchair users and people who sit for prolonged periods are at a higher risk of developing pressure ulcers. These painful sores are avoidable with the help of appropriate seating cushions that are designed to minimise shear and friction. 

Propad Revolve V EU Main image

Invacare Propad Revolve V cushion

The Propad Revolve V gently moulds to patient shape, providing excellent comfort and pressure redistributing properties. It combines an outer layer of durable moulded high...

Propad Revolve Si EU main image

Invacare Propad Revolve Si cushion

The Propad Revolve Si offers top quality moulded HR-foam provides high-level immersion for excellent pressure redistribution. The embedded, non-temperature sensitive silicone...

cover_main|propad cushion foam.jpg|Invacare Propad cushions

Invacare Propad cushions

Propad cushions available in three different types designed to facilitate good pressure redistribution when used either in a wheelchair or as a standard armchair cushion.


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In addition, such cushions provide optimal support and comfort for users by adapting to the body’s shape. Made of high-quality materials, Invacare’s Propad cushions cater to precisely these needs and provide excellent solutions for wheelchair users, seniors and people who need extra pressure area care. 

Pressure care is a key moment in the care for people with limited mobility and those who spend prolonged periods in a bed or chair. On our website dedicated to pressure care,, you can find more information about what steps users, and their carers, can take to minimise the risk. Educational papers and guides, and a range of pressure care solutions are all available there. 

Propad cushions—quality for every need

The Propad cushions family offers an assortment of products all made of high-quality materials. Users can also pick from colour options to better suit their personal preferences and style. 

The Propad Original Cushion is made of profiled foam designed to provide excellent comfort and support. The cushion redistributes pressure and works equally well with wheelchairs and standard armchairs. The cushion comes in several sizes. 

The Propad Profile Cushion is made of castellated foam which provides support and pressure relief adaptable to the user’s shape. At 3" high, the cushion is lower than standard-sized cushions, making it ideal for users who prefer a thinner pad. It comes in a vast range of 102 sizes. 

The Propad Low Profile model is made of profile foam and caters to users who prefer a lower cushion. Each castellation of this cushion’s foam base provides superior comfort and pressure relief to users. The cushion is available in 102 sizes. 

The Propad Premier cushion features a double-layer construction. The lower level is made of firmer foam for improved stability. The upper layer is made of castellated foam with each castellation catering to the user’s comfort and needs. Special cuts at the base of each castellation provide optimal air circulation. It comes in three standard sizes. 

The innovative foams, that these cushions are made of, work to minimise shear and friction, which are risk factors for developing pressure ulcers. These cushions also come with covers that further reduce shear and friction. The covers are also anti-slip, water-resistant and vapour-permeable.