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Matrx Flo-tech cushions

Matrx Flo-tech cushions

Our range of Matrx Flo-tech cushions offers an assortment of solutions to a variety of preferences

Using a proper cushion is vital for comfortable seating and as a prevention for sores and injuries. Our family of Flo-tech seating wheelchair cushions is especially effective in providing a supreme experience to users even during prolonged sitting. 

cover_main|FTSOLUTION CV08.jpg|Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Solution cushion

Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Solution cushion

Matrx Flo-tech Solution is carefully designed by Invacare to provide optimal protection for patients with a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Matrx Flo-tech Solution cushion...

cover_main|FTIMAGE CV06.jpg|Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Image cushion

Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Image cushion

Matrx Flo-tech Image by Invacare is a unique cushion ideal for both chair and wheelchair use. With a combination of slim, shaped foam cushion base, and a fluid sac covering the...

cover_main|FTPLUS CV04.jpg|Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Plus cushion

Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Plus cushion

Matrx Flo-tech Plus is crafted with a perfect design to meet users need. This cushion incorporates a fluid sac integrated into the cushion seat well. The positioning of the fluid...

Matrx Contour Visco NG with cutaway cover showing foam

Matrx Contour Visco NG

Matrx Contour Visco NG is a contoured wheelchair cushion, made of 100% viscoelastic foam so that adapts to the shape of the body. Our wheelchair cushion offers excellent pressure...

cover_main|FTLITEVISCO CV02.jpg|Invacare Matrx Flo-Tech Lite Visco cushion

Invacare Matrx Flo-Tech Lite Visco cushion

Made of high-density visco-elastic foam and other exceptional features, the Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Lite Visco fits perfectly with users shape. This provides excellent levels of...

cover_main|FTCONTOUR CV05.jpg|Invacare Matrx Flo-Tech Contour cushion

Invacare Matrx Flo-Tech Contour cushion

Matrx Flo-tech Contour by Invacare is a unique cushion that benefits its users immensely. The cushion is contoured into sections, thereby making it ideal for what it represents...

cover_main|FTLITE CV03.jpg|Invacare Matrx Flo-tech lite cushion

Invacare Matrx Flo-tech lite cushion

Matrx Flo-tech Lite is specially crafted with a contoured seating amongst other features that provide improved stability and postural support for users. It is a slimline contoured...

Flo-shape cushion without cover

Invacare Flo-shape cushion

The Invacare Flo-shape is your go-to cushion for pressure sores prevention. It is built with unique features to meet the needs of users. The new Flo-shape seat cushion features the...

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These cushions work for a variety of wheelchairs and armchairs, making them an ideal option for users with limited mobility and for those who need continuous support and comfort while sitting. 

The Flo-tech seating cushions offer are made of innovative, high-quality materials

Our Flo-tech seating cushions are made of high-quality viscoelastic foams and gel. The foam provides excellent comfort by adapting to the body’s shape. Some models feature fluid sacs that offer additional support in needed areas, such as the ischial and sacral regions. A modular solution allows for advanced customisation with a variety of add-on pads, aligners and wedges. 

We also have a static dynamic model that provides an alternating air insert beneath a castellated foam insert. The cushion can alternate between a static mode and as a dynamic surface, thanks to a low-profile pump that can be fitted to an air insert. 

The high-quality materials of the Flo-tech seating cushions, are made to adapt to the body’s contours and provide optimal support and pressure distribution. This works to prevent the development of pressure ulcers and posture problems. The seats maximise surface contact with the user, and we offer models suitable for users at different levels of risk for developing pressure ulcers. 

The hygiene of these products is facilitated thanks to materials and water-resistance and vapour-permeable covers that allow for proper ventilation. This is essential for maintaining personal hygiene but also to prevent sores. In addition, the washable coating can withstand washing temperatures up to 80 degrees. We also offer seat cushions featuring a bacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould. 

Our family of Flo-tech seating cushions also caters to heavier users. Some of our solutions maintain their excellent performance for users up to 150 kg (up to 191 kilograms on certain sizes of the Flo-tech Contour model). At the same time, the seats themselves are lightweight and low-profile. 

The Flo-tech range of cushions comes in a wide range of sizes, suitable for a variety of users and chairs. Some models are also available in different densities. The cushions are also available in an assortment of colours and fabrics, making them suitable for various style preferences.