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Standard mattresses

Standard mattresses

Standard single mattresses for home and community care

Having a comfortable mattress is vital for quality of life for everyone, regardless of their physical condition. But for seniors and people with limited mobility, the comfort of the bed is even more essential. This is why we offer a range of standard single mattresses and overlays that provide care and support during prolonged bed use. 

Propad Overlay Product image

Propad Overlay

Propad Overlay is an overlay mattress made up of zoned castellated foam. The model’s unique castellations conforms to the body increasing the contact area with the skin, minimising...

Dacapo Premier CV08 Hero

Dacapo Premier mattress

Dacapo Premier is the flagship model within the Dacapo mattress range. Its a modular multi layer mattress consisting of a U-core base for rigidity with a castellated foam insert...

Dacapo Excel Main

Dacapo Excel mattress

Our new Dacapo Excel pressure relieving mattress is our latest addition to the Dacapo range of foam mattresses. Its design helps minimise shear and friction, improve pressure...

Dacapo Ecogreen

Dacapo Ecogreen mattress

Responsibly designed. The Dacapo Ecogreen is a new responsibly designed pressure relieving mattress focused on supporting the patient and the planet. It represents another step...

Dacapo Ampla

Dacapo Ampla Mattress

Our new Dacapo Ampla is designed for support, whilst helping to prevent and manage pressure injuries for plus size patients.

Dacapo Ampla is a profiled single layer foam mattress...

Dacapo 2Sided CV08 Hero

Dacapo 2Sided mattress

The Dacapo range is a versatile range of foam mattresses suitable for all care environments. Combining comfort, effective pressure redistribution and value for money. The range has...

Dacapo Basic CV05 Hero

Dacapo Basic mattress

The Dacapo range, by Invacare, includes a large number of mattresses designed for patient care at home and in hospital beds. The range includes mattresses designed for children...
Dacapo Top CV02 Hero

Dacapo Top mattress

Dacapo Top is a high quality, pressure redistributing overlay mattress that is ideally suited for use on basic mattresses. The ‘temperature smart’ foam adapts to the person’s body...

Dacapo Top Pro

Dacapo Top Pro mattress overlay

Dacapo Top Pro is a mattress overlay consisting of a zoned castellated foam. The model’s unique castellations conforms to the body increasing the contact area with the skin, to...

Dacapo Kid EU main image

Dacapo Kid mattress

The Dacapo range, by Invacare, includes a large number of mattresses designed for patient care at home and in hospital beds. The range includes mattresses designed for children...

Dacapo Basic Low CV04

Dacapo Basic Low overlay

Dacapo Basic Low is a 5cm high supportive overlay typically used as a safety layer for dynamic overlay mattresses.
Ultimately the Dacapo Basic Low is made of high density foam that...

Dacapo heavy User main image

Dacapo Heavy User mattress

Dacapo Heavy User is a plus size mattress, tailored to offer firm, comfortable and cushioned support for the larger person. It is uniquely constructed using two high-resilience...

Dacapo Heavy User Light

Dacapo Heavy User Light mattress

Dacapo Heavy User Light is tailored to meet the needs of the plus size user and offers a firm yet comfortable cushioned support. Uniquely constructed using two high resilience...

Dacapo Combi mattress

Dacapo Combi is a combination foam mattress with outstanding pressure redistributing properties. The top is composed of a high quality visco elastic foam while the base is a high...

Dacapo Square mattress

Dacapo Square mattress

Dacapo Square is a combination mattress consisting of a foam base with a castellated foam top measuring 8 cm and 6 cm respectively. This model’s unique square cut top pattern...

Dacapo Standard main image

Dacapo Standard mattress

Dacapo Standard is a reactive foam mattress with a dense cell structure providing good support when loaded, whilst also maintaining its shape when unloaded. The high-quality, high...

Invacare Essential Care mattress

Essential Care mattress

If you are looking for an ideal mattress for patient comfort, Essential Care is the solution. This mattress developed by Invacare has a unique quality of its kind that only shares...

Invacare Essential Visco mattress

Essential Visco mattress

When it comes to comfort among all the mattresses of the Invacare family, Essential Visco is by far the most fulfilling for all expectations. This mattress was created to be the...

Invacare Essential Plus mattress

Essential Plus mattress

The Essential Plus is a more powerful and improved version of mattress. Like all Invacare mattresses, it has a pressure distribution technology which facilitates patient’s recovery...

Essential Touch mattress

Essential Touch mattress

The Essential Touch mattress is a pressure redistributing support surface for the community, residential and community healthcare environment. Featuring square castellations, it...

Invacare Essential Basic mattress

Essential Basic mattress

The Essential Basic is the mattress that breaks the theory of most buyers who believe that because a product is basic, it means that it has no quality properties. Coming from the...

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What’s more, the European Ulcer Advisor Panel advises that minimising skin pressure and shear is a critical preventive measure when it comes to pressure ulcers. Hence, using a pressure-reducing mattress is beneficial, even for users who are not at immediate risk of developing pressure ulcers. 

These products offer practical and cost-effective products for acute and community healthcare needs. To learn more about our pressure care solutions and find educational resources on the topic, visit 

Our standard mattresses provide ultimate comfort and support

Invacare’s range of standard single mattresses and overlays includes solutions from the Softform and Essential families of mattresses. They offer a varying degree of protection from pressure ulcers. 

Our standard Softform model is a replacement mattress made of high specification foam, which provides excellent comfort and pressure redistribution at an affordable price. 

The castellated foam insert pad for the standard mattress is uniquely contoured to adapt to the body’s position and movements. It is suitable for users at very high risk of developing pressure ulcers, and this model also adapts well when profiled on electric bed frames.  The single-piece core features side-wall support which allows for a smooth patient transfer. The durable base is resistant to bottoming and does not require turning or rotating. 

The standard mattress comes with a two-way stretch waterproof polyurethane cover with a flap concealing the zip. The cover is resistant to fluid ingress and is zipped on four sides, providing easy detachment for inspection and cleaning. 

We also offer solutions for users who do not require therapy for pressure ulcers, but would still benefit from a high-quality, comfortable and supportive mattress. 

Another option is the entry-level pressure distributing mattress, made of castellated foam which provides ultimate comfort and effective pressure distribution. This mattress is suitable for 'at-risk' and 'high risk' users and offers a cost-effective solution for homecare and residential care environments. 

The covers of these mattresses are made of multi-stretch vapour-permeable water-resistant polyurethane. They are zipped on three sides for convenient inspection and cleaning.