Manual wheelchair for children

Manual wheelchair for children

Invacare’s Children Wheelchair Cares for the Little Ones. Even When They Grow!

Invacare’s family of mobility solutions caters to all users, including the youngest. Our pediatric wheelchair offers are designed to fit the needs of the little ones best, giving them the opportunity to enjoy life on their own. 

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To best suit the needs of younger users, our pediatric wheelchairs are made of aluminium which is a light, but durable material. In addition, these chairs fold easily for convenient storage and transportation. Of course, comfort and looks are also in our focus, with fun customisation options available. 

Our Action3 Junior is suitable for children between 3-15 years of age, making it an excellent choice as a child or a teenage wheelchair. Here’s more about this product. 

Highly Customizable Pediatric Wheelchair

The Action3 Junior wheelchair offers an all-around product for children—fun design, superior comfort, and optimal performance. 

The chair features an innovative telescopic cross brace and an adjustable height and balance. Because of its high degree of width and depth adjustability, the Action3 Junior can “grow” together with the child. This is great not only as a cost-saving measure but also to ensure that the chair will be a trusted companion as the child grows. 

In addition to the telescopic cross brace that allows seat width and depth adjustments, the height and balance are also configurable. The seat can be positioned on three different heights, while the rear wheels can be placed on various Center of Gravity positions for optimal fit. 

Let’s not forget the variety of add-ons that care for the user’s comfort and the chair’s look. The frame is available in a range of colours, and the spoke guards come in three modern designs. 

The front wheels also come in several variants, including a flashing solid type. The armrests and legrests are also customizable and adjustable. A variety of other accessories are also available for improved comfort, fit, and safety.