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Matrx cushions

Matrx cushions

Matrx cushions for optimal comfort and support

Invacare's Matrx cushion range ensures maximum comfort, much-needed skin protection, and optimal pressure and posture care. Considering the amount of time people spend in their wheelchairs, these cushions are not only a comfort-providing tool but also a necessity that protects users from a variety of sitting-related issues. The Matrx cushions are designed to provide a satisfactory and all-around immersion, off-loading, envelopment and pelvic support performance. In addition, the Matrx range of wheelchairs cushions come in skin-protecting materials and are suitable for users with elevated risk for skin breakdown. A variety of add-on features ensures quality performance for more specific needs. The cushions provide superior performance and are suitable for users of all ages and seating needs.

cover_main|matrx-libra2200x2200.jpg|Invacare Matrx Libra cushion

Invacare Matrx Libra cushion

The Invacare Matrx Libra cushion delivers the highest level of skin protection and spinal positioning support for wheelchair users. This lightweight and maintenance free cushion...

cover_main|MATRX VI CV03.jpg|Invacare Matrx VI cushion

Invacare Matrx VI cushion

Matrx Vi Cushion by Invacare is designed to provide skin protection and positioning for individuals at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. So, if you’re one with...

cover_main|MATRX MINI PS OF01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Mini PS cushion

Invacare Matrx Mini PS cushion

The Invacare Matrx Mini PS is an anatomically contoured, high quality foam cushion with a waffled ischial relief section for improved positioning and comfort. The moulded foam...

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Wheelchairs cushions with clever features

The Matrx family achieves excellence by providing understanding and clever solutions to users, all seating needs. Four key areas provide for the great comfort of the Matrx cushions range:

  • The cushion,s immersiveness maximises surface contact area, thereby protecting the user from pressure sores.
  • The off-loading feature transfers forces away from the ischial tuberosities distributing the weight to the trochanters, hips, and thighs.
  • A proprietary fluid sac surrounds bony prominences even during position changes.
  • The pelvic stability area contours to the pelvic region and brings stability and support for an improved upper-body function.


A combination of foam and fluid provide for the Matrix wheelchairs cushion,s comfort and ultimate skin protection even for user,s specific skin-care needs. Moisture-resistant and breathable covers bring peace of mind even for an active lifestyle.

Comfort, postural management and pressure area care

A durable HR-moulded foam base provides comfortable immersion and posture balance, all achieved in a lightweight, low profile product. The innovative Invacare Flo-tech, fluid sac technology completely envelops bony prominences and brings a reliable protection thanks to a non-temperature sensitive fluid.

Broad range of accessories

The Matrx cushion family features a broad range of accessories that cater to a variety of specific requirements. Seven different wedges serve users with different thigh, hip, and positioning needs. A side pocket cover providing a convenient storage feature is also available.

Adult and kid use

Our range of pressure and posture care wheelchairs cushions serves well both adults and kids. The Invacare Matrx Mini PS was designed with the little users in mind, keeping in focus the specifics of paediatric care.