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UNIQUE - New for 2024

UNIQUE wheelchair personalisation service

We at UNIQUE create many bespoke manual wheelchairs.

Understanding and creating your vision, style and specific requirements is part of what we love to do. Each design undergoes a simple but competent risk-assessment so that we develop what you want in a safe and effective way.



Customized solutions


UNIQUE service for Küschall active wheelchairs


Create your bespoke Kuschall wheelchair from the wheels up. Designed to fit you and your lifestyle with customised builds and personalised aesthetics, the possibilities are endless. 


UNIQUE service for Action manual wheelchairs


Make your Action wheelchair your own from tailored seating solutions to a choice of great designs. Discover the latest trends and drive with confidence. 


UNIQUE service for REA passive wheelchairs


Upgrade and customise your Rea wheelchair for your specific needs and activities. Simply share your vision and we’ll work to find a sleek solution that works for you.



Personalised choice


UNIQUE wheelchair personalisation service - endless colours


Endless colours

Showcase your style in a chair you can be proud of. Choose from a vast selection of colours and finishes or opt for a colour combination for that extra wow!


UNIQUE wheelchair personalisation service - bespoke designs


Bespoke designs

Big and bold or elegantly understated, whatever your preference we create patterns and designs just for you. From bespoke embroidery to playful frame designs and more.


UNIQUE wheelchair personalisation service - tailor made


Tailor made

Your individuality is what makes you UNIQUE. No matter what your every day looks like, we can help to make that easier and more comfortable with tailor made solutions for you.