Softform mattresses

Our softform mattresses are suitable for a broad range of needs

Invacare’s softform mattresses are designed to provide optimal comfort and pressure relief to users who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Consisting of our top-quality Softform range, these mattresses have been tried and tested by healthcare professionals. These mattresses are made of high-quality foams that cater to a range of needs and offer customisability and adaptability for a variety of situations. 

Softform® Trolley Mattress Range

Softform Trolley

The Softform Trolley Mattress Range was specifically designed by Invacare to meet the needs of the A&E department. It is designed to meet the expectations of those who are...

Softform Bariatric

Invacare, displaying the Softform saga, offers the Softform Bariatric model to prevent pressure ulcers. This mattress was created for patients whose needs cannot be covered by the...

Softform MaxiGlide

Invacare Softfoam Premier Maxiglide mattress is another fantastic product from Invacare. This high specification foam mattress introduces a new and ingenious glide mechanism that...

Softform Premier

When it comes to taking comfort and pressure reduction levels to a new stage, the name Softform Premier must be in our mind. This is a mattress with a number of high specifications...

Softform Premier Visco

The Softform Premier Visco by Invacare is one of the most advanced anti-decubitus mattresses in the Softform saga, being a real gem as far as rest mattresses is concerned. Created...

Softform Premier Active 2RX

Softform Premier Active 2 RX

The Invacare Softform Premier Active 2 RX is equipped with excellent features to offer health professionals a dynamic therapeutic support surface with additional levels of pressure...

Softform Excel

When we meet a patient with a high risk of developing pressure ulcers, we need a mattress with a high duration and at the same time with a weight distribution technology. In the...

Softform Premier Spinal

Softform Premier Spinal

Softform Premier Spinal mattress is packed with exciting features that deliver an exceptional level of comfort, pressure redistribution, among other numerous functions. It is...

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Breakthrough solutions for optimal pressure care and comfort

Invacare’s static, dynamic mattress features an alternating air insert beneath its foam surface, which makes this product versatile for a variety of needs. The static mode of the mattress makes it suitable for usage as a static surface for patients at a high risk of pressure ulcers. An innovative digital pump, however, allows for the mattress to be converted into a dynamic alternating system without the need to move the user. 

For optimal comfort, when used with profiling beds, we offer a solution with a breakthrough glide mechanism that minimises shear and friction. The top of the pressure care mattress effectively protects against pressure ulcers, while the base surface independently adapts to the bedframe. 

We also offer pressure reducing static and elastic solutions. The softform mattresses feature an innovative contoured insert pad for optimum comfort and pressure reduction. One of the models also comes with a temperature-sensitive deep visco insert pad, which warms to adapt to the user’s body. Its modular design allows easy replacement of parts and replacement with castellated foam. 

Invacare’s range of softform mattresses includes a family of mattresses made of high specification foam that evenly distributes the weight of the user, thereby increasing comfort and providing pressure relief. A trolley-compatible model is also available to fit the needs of modern A&E departments. Offered in a variety of sizes, this model can fit a range of trolley sizes, and also works for X-ray areas and theatres. 

Our solution for spinal injuries provides pressure care for patients with varying spinal alignment needs. The firm surface is suitable for cases when the spine needs to be immobilised with an option for the interface foam to be replaced with a softer option. The mattress is ideal for patients who are at very high risk of developing pressure ulcers. 

Heavier users can also benefit from an excellent level of comfort with our solution for bariatric patients. Working with all types of profiling beds, this model supports a maximum user weight of 340 kg.