Wheelchair use without the proper postural support and pressure care can cause postural problems, worsen existing conditions, and lead to painful pressure ulcers. Thus, relying on adequate postural supports aids is essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe use of the chair. To help with this, we at Invacare offer the Bodypoint family of seating systems. This line of products includes chest supports, shoulder harnesses, hip belts and a range of other posture care products, along with a variety of add-ons that make these products even more versatile. 

The Bodypoint range of solutions is subject to thorough tests and as a result, it fulfils the requirements of standards like ISO, ANSI/RESNA and EN, among others. Among the significant advantages of the Bodypoint systems is the use of Cordura fabric and proprietary edge binding for all hip belts, Ankle Huggers, and non-stretch harnesses that feature padding. Cordura is a very durable material, ideal for everyday use, while the innovative edge binding eliminates wrinkles, thereby being gentler on the skin. 

The Stayflex chest support system provides posture care by keeping the trunk stable while maintaining shoulder movement. An innovative “dual zone” elastic construction prevents the chest support from shifting at the neck. Furthermore, the chest support is balanced to provide the right amount of stretch and resistance. It is available in three models—Standard Width, Narrow Width, and a Zipper version which features a zipper, making it very easy to put the support on and off. The multi-directional pull strap functions as a front pull and as a rear pull, depending on user preferences. 

  • Stability: keeps the trunk stable while allowing comfortable shoulder movement. 

  • Innovative materials: durable Cordura and wrinkle-free binding. 

  • Prevention: dual zone construction prevents shifting at the neck. 

  • Well balanced: Excellent balance between stretch and resistance. 

  • Three styles: Standard Width, Narrow Width, and a Zipper. 

  • User-friendly: easy to clean and maintain.