Bodypoint Hip belts HB219 posture corrector

The Invacare Hip Belts - HB219 are Bodypoint Products, designed to provide excellent pelvic positioning to users. Hip belts - HB219 counters pelvic rotation by allowing the caregiver to position one side of the pelvis, lock it in place and then position on the other side. 

Hip Belts - HB219 are available in different styles, which include – Two-Point Padded Hip Belt, Four-Point Padded Hip Belt, and Evoflex. The Two-Point Padded Hip Belt is simple to use and easy to clean, these basic hip belts comfortably support postural alignment. The Four-Point Padded Hip Belt features extra anchor points that prevent the belt from migrating up or down while addressing user sliding and asymmetry. Also, the Evoflex has stiffened straps that hold belt upright for easy closure and clutter-free use for transfers. The belts let you gain the benefits of retractable belts without the hardware against the hips. 

The Invacare Hip belts come in different categories as well – buckles, pull-type, and end-fitting. The buckle features a push-button with a smooth, rounded corner that prevents snagging. The cover is removable for cleaning or replacement. It also features a side-release that is lightweight, crush-resistant and prevents accidental release. Below are some key features of the Invacare Hip Belts - HB219: 

  • Dual-Pull Hip Belt: Provides greater adjustability to accommodate clothing and weight changes. This is only available with a side-release buckle. 

  • Rear-Pull Hip Belt: For high muscle tone and pelvic rotation. It positions and secures one side of the pelvis before the other. 

  • Small Push-Button: Provides strong, secure, paediatric size or lower profile for adults. 

  • Evoflex:  Stiffened straps and hold belt upright for easy closure and clutter-free use for transfers.  

  • High performance: Provides excellent pelvic positioning to users. 

  • Durability: Invacare Hip Belts are designed with excellent materials to last even longer than expected.