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Staying comfortable and maintaining proper posture while using a wheelchair can be a tough challenge without adequate support. Postural misalignments and unintentional sliding can be not only uncomfortable but also result in conditions related to poor posture and pressure ulcers. Fortunately, we at Invacare have developed long-standing expertise in the field of pressure and postural care; a result of many decades of innovation. Our solutions for wheelchair users come in many shapes and sizes, just like wheelchair users have a variety of individual needs and preferences.

Vicair Liberty Profile ventil
Vicair Liberty Profile med trekk
Vicair Liberty Profile ventil
Vicair Liberty Profile med trekk
Vicair Liberty Profile ventil
Vicair Liberty Profile med trekk

One of our several excellent lines of postural and pressure care products is the Vicair range of back and seat cushions and mattresses. The Vicair family relies on the breakthrough Air Cell technology by Invacare, which employs numerous individual air pockets (SmartCells) to offer excellent pressure redistribution, postural support and shear reduction properties. Our SmartCells effectively encapsulate air, which maintains the aforementioned properties.

The SmartCells are also at the core of the Vicair Liberty Back cushion. The back is an excellent solution for wheelchair users who experience back pain. It features two compartments filled with SmartCells and features a valve which regulates the amount of air between the cells. This allows for a great personal fit to the user’s requirements. The Liberty Back easily fits onto standard (folding) wheelchairs, and its performance can be taken a step further when combined with the adjustable Vicair Strap back. The Liberty Back is exceptionally lightweight at an average weight of 350 grams and allows the wheelchair to be folded even with the cushion attached.

  •     Air Cell technology: offers optimal pressure distribution and minimises shear.

  •     Lightweight and compact: on average, 350 g.

  •     Comfortable: Excellent for back pain.

  •     Adjustable valve: precise adaptation to the body with the help of the valve.

  •     User-friendly: Installs easily and is a great fit with the Vicair Strap.

  •     Maintenance: Requires little to no maintenance.

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