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Do you wish to have your bed customised to what you desire? Although the Invacare bed range comes with excellent features ideal to meet users’ needs. But it is also true that some users have certain designs they’d like to have. Thus, Invacare bed range features a wide number of accessories, through which users can customise their beds to what they desire.

The accessories allow perfect fittings to personal environment, support needed by users, and overall customisation to clients’ needs.

Invacare beds are built with different features – with some not having same features like others. But with the bed accessories, if you’re looking to get net cover for Line and Britt V side rails, it is easy to purchase it and get it integrated to your bed. Net covers for Line and Britt V side rails help cover remains in place when side rail is lowered. It is available as standard and extended + 10 cm and + 20 cm.

Another good accessory user may want to have is the swivel support handle. This accessory makes it possible to swing the legs out over the handle before the grip is folded out – it can be used alone or in pairs.

The stand-up support is another excellent accessory you may want to have if your bed doesn’t come with it. Stand-up support fits all Invacare beds; it makes getting in and out of bed easier. It is easy to use and mount onto the bed. There are other numerous functional accessories such as side panels, bed ends, lifting poles, etc.

Features of these bed accessories include:

  • Durability: All Invacare bed accessories are made with good quality materials to last even longer than expected
  • Different Designs: They are available in various designs, so users can choose the ones they desire.
  • Sizes: Available in different sizes to meet users’ needs
  • Compatibility: Fits perfectly with your bed.
  • Comfort: All accessories are made to meet clients need for comfort and support.
  • Affordable: All accessories are available at the best prices.

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