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The Invacare Bed Table Pausa L865 is a bed accessory that lets you customise your bed to have added functions. It is a height-adjustable bed table with angle adjustable tray.

It comes with a tray that has a rim all around the edge to prevent items falling off or spillage onto bed clothing and is angle adjustable by turning the small knob on the side. The table runs on four small castors for easy manoeuvrability. 

Bed Table Pausa L865 can be adjusted from 72 - 116cm in height. It is lightweight, robust and affordable, the Pausa is suitable for a wide variety of situations such as reading, laptop use or meal times. It has a maximum load of 10kg. 

Invacare bed accessories allow perfect fittings to personal environment, support needed by users, and overall customisation to clients’ needs. Invacare beds are built with different features – with some not having the same features as others. But with the bed accessories, you can simply get your bed customised to meet all your needs.

Bed Table Pausa with other functional accessories such as side panels, bed ends, lifting poles, etc., works in different ways to provide all you desire. Overall, the Invacare Bed Table Pausa is designed with the user in mind; it is packed with excellent features to give the user a rewarding experience.

Below are some key features of the Invacare Bed Table Pausa L865: 

  • Durability: Invacare’s Bed Table Pausa is made with good quality materials to last even longer than expected 

  • Castors: Bed Table Pausa runs on four small castors for easy manoeuvrability. 

  • Stylish Design: It features an elegant design with excellent features. 

  • Adjustability: Bed Table Pausa can be adjusted from 72 - 116cm in height. Users can adjust it to fit with how their bed is positioned. 

  • Compatibility: Bed Table Pausa is designed to fit perfectly with many beds. 

  • Comfort: All accessories are made to meet clients' needs for comfort and support. 

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Specifications & Downloads
Technical data
Technical data
Height adjustment

Height adjustment

72 -116 cm

Height adjustment


Max. load: 10 kg