Backrest Areste L110 is a manual backrest support that also serves as head support. It can be adjusted from a 45 - 60 degree angle for optimal functionality. The Invacare Areste L110 backrest offers comfort to users, and it is specially designed to save you uncomfortable backaches caused by bad postures.

Elderly and disabled people who spend a long time in bed will be able to perform better movements and develop their daily routine better using this bed support.

Backrest Areste L110 is lightweight and can, therefore, allow users to remove and store it without taking up space; it is made of nylon upholstery, which will enable users to perspire and lie for hours without discomfort.

Additionally, it offers an inclination of 45º to 60º, which will allow users to use it in 5 different postures, according to their needs. The bed backrest includes a cushion that is located in the neck area, providing greater comfort.

The Invacare Areste L110 backrest support also offers multiple use functions. It can be used by all members of the house, from the smallest to the elderly. Overall, this manual backrest support provides the best support to users.

It supports both the back and head, to give the user a comfortable experience. Below are some key features of the Invacare Backrest Areste L110:

  • Easy to use: Using this backrest support is quite easy; it requires just placing it on your bed and adjusts it in the most comfortable position.
  • Adjustable: It can be adjusted based on individual needs.
  • Comfort: The Invacare Backrest Areste L110 is made of nylon upholstery and a neck cushion for greater comfort
  • For the whole family: Areste L110 backrest support is suitable for all types of people.
  • Multiple functions: Areste L110 backrest support can be used to eat in bed and lean, read a book, watch TV, rest, etc.
  • Durability: It’s made with high standard materials to last longer.
Backrest support
Backrest support

Manual backrest support, with possible head support. Can be adjusted from a 45 - 60 degree angle