Manual wheelchair sport

Manual wheelchair sport

Excellence and Variety in the Wheelchair for Sports Field

Wouldn’t it be great to have a wheelchair that will perform at its best even during athletic activities? Invacare’s expertise in the field of mobility devices extends to specialised wheelchairs for sports which are much better suited for such activities than regular devices. 

cover_main|Eliminator Open V cage.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Eliminator blue frame

The Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR racing wheelchair is designed for winners. This racing manual wheelchair is solely built for speed and will help you get to the finish line...

cover_main|FORCE 3 CV03.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Force- 3 black frame

If you are looking for a hand-cycle that is amazing and budget-friendly, then the Invacare Top End Force 3 is the manual wheelchair for you. It is an excellent hand-cycle that is...

cover_main|FORCE K CV02.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Force K red frame

The Invacare Top End force K is a kneeling position hand cycle that is built for athletes on a mission. It comes in two custom made-to-measure aerodynamic designs – the Top End...

cover_main|PAUL SCHULTE 7000 CV03.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Schulte 7000 Series red frame

The Invacare Top End Schulte 7000 is a Basketball wheelchair series that is built to suit each athlete’s specification. It is sleek, lightweight and has a rigid frame for ultimate...

cover_main|Pro BB R.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Pro BB & Tennis blue frame

For players that are new to the game of tennis, adjustability is very important, and that is what the Invacare Top End Pro tennis wheelchair offers you. It comes with adjustable...

cover_main|Pro 2_CV02_R.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Pro 2 All-Sport red frame

Top End Pro 2 All-Sport by Invacare is packed with exciting features to meet a wide range of advanced needs among users. It is specially designed for sporting activities, and thus...

cover_main|XLT CV01.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End XLT yellow frame

Top End XLT by Invacare is an outstanding handcycle, specially designed for recreational purposes while ensuring endless fun for the user. It comes with a low maintenance 7-speed...

cover_main|XLT PRO CV01.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End XLT Pro red frame

The Invacare Top End XLT Pro hand-cycle is designed for recreational purposes and great fun. It comes with a low maintenance 7-speed hub with reverse hands-on braking. And features...

cover_main|XLTJR 2005.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End XLT Junior red frame

As the Top End XLT, Top End XLT junior is a perfect hand-cycle designed basically for recreational purposes. This amazing handcyles also ensures great fun to users, mostly for...

cover_main|Excelerator_CV01_quad grips.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End Excelerator red frame

The Invacare Top End Excelerator series hand-cycle is an upright and extremely maneuverable three-wheel hand-cycle that is capable of speeds - up to 15mph. It is suitable for...

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Our sports wheelchairs are built to give users the maximum comfort and performance while playing sports by letting TK focus on their game and skills. Invacare’s range of wheelchairs for sports gives users a wide range of motion for a variety of sports. 

Whether it is for a sports activity or for a power ride, our custom-built athletic and multi-sport wheelchairs and handbikes provide the right fit for a variety of activities. Built with durable, high-quality materials, and available in a variety of colours, Invacare’s wheelchairs for sports offer a range of customizability options to ensure a solution for every need. 

Range of Options for Handcycles for Wheelchair Users

Our athletic wheelchairs focus on achieving maximum speed thanks to a focus on optimising weight and aerodynamics. These devices offer excellent performance, movement, and stability.  

Our Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair is specifically built for tennis players, features a range of adjustability settings, and can come a short or a tall frame. Top End® Pro™-2 All Sport Wheelchair is a very versatile product, TK for a range of sports from basketball, through softball, to badminton and any other sport played on a court. It comes in three seat widths and a range of adjustment options.  

The Top End® Schulte 7000 Series Basketball Wheelchair and the Top End® T-5 7000 Series Tennis Wheelchair are custom built to the user’s preferences and feature an axle securing system and an enhanced headtube design for optimised security and performance. 

Invacare’s family of sports wheelchairs also offers a wide range of handcycles for wheelchair available in a variety of configurations. Our models cater to users of all experiences—from those just getting started with handcycling to those already participating in competitions. We offer handcycles for sitting, lying, and kneeling positions and also feature a model for kids. Our kneeling-only Top End® Force™ K Double Amputee Handcycle model caters to the needs of double above-the-knee amputees and is available as a made-to-measure product. The wide range of speeds allows users to enjoy their handcycle on varied terrain with some of our models featuring a 27-speed drive train with Shimano components.