Flo-tech PT backs

Flo-tech PT backs

The Flo-tech Back Cushion Completes Our Range of Top-Performing Seating Solutions

Invacare’s Flo-tech cushion family of backrests and seating cushions provides top-of-the-line care for chair users, caring for their comfort and body stability. Made of innovative, breakthrough materials, this line comes in a wide variety of products and accessories providing the appropriate fit in a variety of situations. 

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Proper posture position is essential for every person, but especially so for those with limited mobility and other mobility and posture-related problems. Which is why finding the right support is a matter not only of comfort but as a preventative measure against developing further problems. One of the tools we’ve built for this job is the Matrx Flo-tech Back Support—a lumbar cushion that provides the right solution to many needs. 

The Flo-tech Cushion is Made of Innovative Materials for Ultimate Support and Comfort

Comfort and proper body positioning and paramount for wheelchair users, especially during prolonged use. One of the ways that wheelchairs facilitate comfort and support is through the backrest, which serves a key purpose in a wheelchair’s performance. This is why we, at Invacare, take great care in providing a range of options that provide optimal comfort and support through breakthrough materials and designs. However, we do one better with our Matrx Flo-tech Back Support. 

This back support is a versatile Flo-tech solution cushion for users who need extra back support and stability, whether in a wheelchair or a regular armchair. The back support is also compatible with our Matrx Flo-tech cushion range, turning this family of products into a complete system adaptable to a variety of user needs. Here’s what makes the Matrx Flo-tech Back Support such an excellent solution. 

Comfort is not only about personal preference. When a user feels comfortable in their chair, they maintain a great deal of independence, be it in a wheelchair or when sitting in an armchair at home or at work. To ensure comfort, the Matrx Flo-tech Back Support is made of an innovative foam that contours to the body and cares for the user’s appropriate lateral and pelvic stability. The accessory also works as a protection from pressure ulcers and spinal deformities which can otherwise result from prolonged seating.  The back support can be conveniently adjusted and secured to the backrest through extendable straps, thereby catering to a range of user heights and preferences. 

The hygiene of the product is also provided for by a two-level system. First, the back support’s two-way stretch cover is moisture-resistant and vapour-permeable, allowing breathability and protecting from moisture build-up. In addition, the cover protects from shear and friction, which are risk factors for developing pressure ulcers. What’s more, all Flo-tech foams are treated with the innovative antimicrobial Ultra-fresh™, which provides protection against the growth of odour-causing bacteria.